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  • see, I don't believe that.

  • I think that's total nonsense about value and best being different.

  • You know, value is, is defined as who's the best best.

  • You're the best if you have the most value.

  • What about to your team?

  • You mean to tell me if a guy has worst teammates than he's more valuable to that team?

  • No.

  • I mean, the whole idea of most valuable is you're trying to isolate value you're trying to isolate if you say he makes all these teammates Mawr better than someone else makes their teammates fine.

  • But I'm not gonna penalize Mahomes for having better teammates.

  • Unless unless you see, here's the thing.

  • Aaron Rodgers is now having the best statistical season of any quarterback, and he is doing it with fewer weapons.

  • His team is not as good as Mahomes, and, by the way, so they have a couple more losses than Mahomes team.

  • But if you had to isolate quarterback play so far this year, his bad game against the Bucks notwithstanding, Aaron Rodgers is having the best season of any quarterback and because he is the best at this moment, I don't think he's gonna win.

  • M v P.

  • I think Mahomes will take it back because I think Mahomes is slightly better than Rodgers.

  • But at this moment, if I had to give out an M V P Award at this moment, if I had to give out in M V.

  • P.

  • Award has to goto Aaron Rodgers.

  • He has 39 touchdowns to four interceptions.

  • When Mahomes was sitting on like 31 touchdowns, two interceptions like I think about the guy only through two picks and Rogers had a bunch of picks in a game against the Bucks.

  • Tom Brady's bucks and I was like, Oh, you, that's a bad game to lose because you might.

  • Those air that's might be for supremacy in the NFC.

  • But my home is just threw three picks.

  • So what's he got now?

  • Five picks and 30 maybe four or five touchdowns.

  • 39 touchdowns, two interceptions.

  • Rogers has more touchdowns, fewer interceptions.

  • Ah, hiring completion percentage, higher completion presented and a higher Q B R by very, very little, but still and he's doing it, not with Ty.

  • I mean, like, Adams is great and Jones can run all those things.

  • He ain't doing it with Tyree.

  • Kill and Travis Kelsey and Clyde Edwards lair.

  • Mahomes does have better offensive pieces around him.

  • And yet, so that's when you say, Well, it's not that I'm penalizing Mahomes for having better pieces.

  • I'm saying, in addition to Rogers, putting up better numbers in addition to that, he's doing it with inferior pieces.

  • The whole thing about value people, it's hard to isolate value.

  • So to make their jobs easier, sportswriters would start to redefine what it really meant.

  • Well, value doesn't mean you're the best.

  • Yes, it does.

  • Necessarily, by definition, yeah.

  • How do you define best in a sport, right?

  • Um, no.

  • It doesn't mean you're the best, because they don't want to do the hard work of isolating value.

  • So they try to turn it into a team award, right?

  • There's already a team award.

  • It's called first place.

  • You know, like you got to go to the The team award is you got to go to the playoffs.

  • That's the team award.

  • The M V P is like, okay, now, among all the members of the team who's the best, as in who has the most value so far this season.

  • At this moment, the answer is Aaron Rodgers.

  • That was straight talk wireless.

  • Everything for less on Lee at Walmart 88.

  • Say ESPN.

  • Roger.

  • I'm gonna have to take a call earlier in the show just to show the people that I mean business.

  • As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I want to talk to as you so arrogantly referred to them the commoners.

  • I don't refer to them that way.

  • Roger.

  • I think that's obnoxious.

  • I'm a man of the people, but I think we need to involve.

  • You mean it this time?

  • Do you mean it?

  • Early in the show.

  • Do you mean it?

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see, I don't believe that.

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