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  • Yanis entered the Campo, affectionately known as the Greek Freak, elected to sign a five year extension in excess of $228 million.

  • I wanted to know how big of a deal was that in your mind, not just for him, for the city of Milwaukee, but for the league.

  • The fact that he decided to stay in a smaller market talk to me about what that means to you.

  • I think it's a huge deal.

  • In essence, it means that the collective bargaining agreement is working as we designed it.

  • I mean, as you know, it's no secret we build in huge incentives for players to stay in the market that drafted them both in terms of signing extensions and then ultimately, you know, renewing their contracts there.

  • And there's there's enormous financial incentives and and the goal is in our league and that, especially with the huge explosions, social media and the distribution of our games globally, that the goal is that players are making decisions based on the quality of the team.

  • They're playing for the belief in the community, the management of the team, all those factors aside from just the absolute size in the market.

  • And I think that the Milwaukee Milwaukee Bucks have done an incredible job surrounding the honest with, you know, a roster that is his championship.

  • Calver like that.

  • The community has embraced him, certainly in terms of personal accomplishments as multiple MVPs and globally known.

  • I think what we're seeing here is that a realization from you honest at this point.

  • Now it's about winning not being in a market that may have more people.

  • So again, I think it's I think it's a very positive sign for the lead.

  • We can't ask, have the n b A commissioner on and not ask him a question about the best player in the world who would happen to be LeBron James.

  • Uh eh.

  • NBA champion For the fourth time in his 18th season, he's approaching his 18th season.

  • Now Can you speak a little bit about what he has meant to the league?

  • What he means to the league right now, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic in terms of how he's conducted himself, and now he's led the Lakers to their to their 17th championship.

  • Can you talk about LeBron James from the standpoint of what he means to the league right now.

  • Sure, I think one of the most important things that people in the league, No.

  • But maybe a lot of fans don't or people outside of the league that, in addition to being the arguably the best or one of the best of course players in the league is certainly one of the hardest working on.

  • I think that has as much to do with longevity and success of his career than the And I'd say, for example, Stephen A.

  • I.

  • You know, when I spent several weeks in the bubble I visited a few times earlier during the during the restart of the season, you frankly, other than seeing him on the court, you wouldn't have known he was there.

  • I mean, he was so focused on his game, so focused on his body and taking care of himself that, um that that the commitment and dedication that has enabled him toe have careers long as it's been and t to continue playing at an M V P type level at this age and with all the miles on his body, so s so That's his on the court activity and and off the court.

  • I think it's incredible what he's continued to dio.

  • He led a huge you know, voter registration and engagement initiative has been, you know, very out spoken on things that affect him in his community and his family in our country.

  • So I'd say, You know, I'm incredibly proud of him personally, but I think he's a marvel in so many ways.

  • And again, though, so much of it comes back, whether it's his on the court activities or off the court, or his focus and dedication transitioning from him to Brooklyn, New York On one hand, you've got K D and Kyrie in Brooklyn, which is a very, very big deal, because obviously when you got two of those stars on your squad, you're considered a title contender.

  • On the other hand, you've heard the stories about Kyrie and how he didn't want to speak to the media.

  • You saw a report by ESPN's Tim MacMahon, where he highlighted some of the things about James Harden and the latitude that was given to him by the Houston Rockets organization.

  • How does stories like that affect you?

  • How do you believe stories like that affect the league in the eyes of the public.

  • What are your thoughts about that?

  • Look, it's its's not just the stories.

  • As you know, it's It's not on Li about the media.

  • It's about the actuality of what happens at some teams.

  • And I only say, I think, Well, we all know that it's it's nothing new in professional sports are certainly in the MBA that not everyone's happy at all times in their situation.

  • And a lot of those issues have been compounded by the pandemic.

  • Face it, you know that for the isolation that has come with it for many people, being away from friends and family in the bubble or even now, you know, lives altered in so many ways.

  • I think it just further accentuates, you know, issues that we all have, and I think those aren't stories you know you like to see.

  • But but again, even if they weren't reported, there's no question that there are issues that happened a teams, I mean, ideally from the league standpoint, those issues were handled behind closed doors, Um, you know, and that guys are able to work out issues with their teams.

  • In some cases, guys end up getting traded because that's what the team wants to do rather than what the player wants.

  • In other cases, it's just bad chemistry on a team or changing circumstances.

  • Changes in GMs and coaches and those things work their way out.

  • I would say in the case of both James Harden and Cairo, you have, like extraordinary, extraordinarily talented people, complex people, also who again I mean many ways, like LeBron.

  • It's not just about life on the court, their multi dimensional people.

  • They feel strongly about lots of issues around their community.

  • And again, I, you know, at the end of the day you just want to see them be able to focus and have great seasons, and it seems like in this case, both of them both situations have settled down.

  • You know, I think Kyrie, I think, recognizes at the end of the day that talking to the media is part of his responsibility as a player, and it's not really just about the media.

  • With all due respect, I mean, you are a proxy, you know, for for reaching our fans, and it's part of how our fans can engage with our players and our game to understand sort of what players were thinking about what they're doing.

  • And I think James, you know, I saw that the media he did last week, he said.

  • He's focused on the game and being in Houston right now.

  • And look, he's got some great players around him and let's see what happens once the season starts.

  • Ultimately, that's what puts a smile on my face.

  • That's what's so exciting to be back to the NBA basketball, absolutely getting back to the NBA basketball.

  • But I'd be remiss in neglecting to bring up Kawhi Leonard as well, because you guys are investigating.

  • The league is investigating allegations made against the Los Angeles Clippers and consultant Jerry West about the recruitment of Kawhi Leonard.

  • What can you tell us about that?

  • Andi, how far along you are in that investigation?

  • What can you speak on in regards to that?

  • All I can say there is is, you know, everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocents.

  • Obviously, someone that is not known to me or to the league office has made an allegation against the team, and so we'll look into it it czar obligation on behalf of all 30 teams that that if something comes to our attention, you know, way, look into it and we see if there's anything there again, we you know they have no reason to believe based on what's been alleged so far, that there's anything inappropriate that took place.

  • But that's that's why we follow up on whatever leads come to league office.

  • So that's all I can say right now.

Yanis entered the Campo, affectionately known as the Greek Freak, elected to sign a five year extension in excess of $228 million.

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