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  • Max and Mollie.

  • Um, y'all know, uh, that that my brother one of my best friends in the world.

  • My high school.

  • But you all know my man Jeff Brown when we're in l A.

  • He usually comes out there to the show, you know?

  • Y'all know, Jeff, What you may not have known is that Jeff is a lifelong New York Jets fan.

  • Um, that's bad in and of itself.

  • The fact that he's contaminated my God Children by making sure that their Jets fans to is just beyond comprehend.

  • Okay, I bring that up because yesterday the New York Jets win a game and Jeff is in his backyard with a huge smile on his face wearing a curtain Martin Curtis Martin jersey with a big smile about how they want.

  • This is the idiocy that I'm talking about.

  • And I hate to associate that word with my brother because I don't do that because he's a brilliant.

  • But this makes no sense.

  • The fact that you have jet fans out there that are happy happy that you lose the number one overall pick or you lose positioning for the number one overall pick is beyond me.

  • Do they not understand that folks are talking about Trevor Lawrence like they talked about Peyton Manning.

  • Do they understand that at 66?

  • You know, with his arm and his wheels and his intellect as a football player, how brilliant this brother is gonna be.

  • It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • As far as I'm concerned.

  • Do everything get, Get the number one overall pick.

  • So if you don't want to spend it on on Trevor Lawrence, Max, you could mark, you could park.

  • You could market that and trade him for assets You would have believed.

  • But the Jets under Mr Adam Gates came to the Jets looking high with his press conference eight and 22 as a head coach since, definitely should get fired after the end of the season.

  • The Jets once again just show how ridiculous they are.

  • They're even.

  • The Jets are even losers at losing.

  • They're even losers at losing.

  • They can't even win at losing, and they're the best that losing things is.

  • Remember when we argued what we argue?

  • Stephen A.

  • What was the dumbest play of the year, right?

  • Um, was it the play call way to play call to the brink toe Rick Greg Williams play call to the brain freeze of the Falcons.

  • What was the dumbest thing we've seen that year?

  • This is like, What's the what's the dumbest thing we saw yesterday?

  • Maybe, but it's up there with you.

  • Was it Carson Wentz saying he's not okay being a backup when he played himself into that position to be a backup on all 32 teams?

  • What is he talking about?

  • Like he's he want, He's okay with the trade.

  • Okay, with the trade, you're lucky to get traded.

  • Who's gonna take you with that contract, the Jets?

  • Or is it the Jets winning that game?

  • I I think it's the Jets.

  • Winning that game is the dumbest thing I saw over the weekend or heard about and the Rams.

  • By the way, Look, L A is a team that can fall into some traps.

  • Remember, they lost that game to the Niners when they were on a roll.

  • Then they beat Arizona and they beat the Patriots handily.

  • 24 to 3.

  • And you have the Jets.

  • That's a gimme, and you lose that you fall out of first place in your division.

  • Rams may not emotionally be ready for better things because they can fall into trap.

  • Still, the Jets blowing the number one pick with a win against a team like the Rams is the most Jets wayto win.

  • I can think of it is the loser's way toe win.

  • They can't even win it.

  • Losing.

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Max and Mollie.

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The Jets can't even win at losing! - Stephen A. & Max react to the Rams' upset | First Take

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