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  • the N B A is investigating the Clippers and executive consultant Jerry West over their recruitment of Quiet Leonard in 2019.

  • Earlier this week, TMZ was the first report that a man who claims to be close to Kauai and quiet Uncle Dennis Robertson sued West and the Clippers, saying that he is owed $2.5 million for his role in guiding Kwai Leonard to come to L.

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  • West has denied any wrongdoing to TMZ.

  • The investigation falls under the rule that prohibits in direct communications to show interest in a player that the league finds wrongdoing.

  • The Clippers could be penalized with fines up to $10 million and a loss of draft picks Co.

  • I was asked about the investigation after last night's Clippers preseason game.

  • Regarding the news of today, the MBA opening the investigation into the team.

  • Um, how well do you know Johnny Wilkes and did he and play any role in your recruitment to this team?

  • Your decision to join this team in 2019?

  • No, uh, doesn't have to do with this way.

  • My mind goes story.

  • So, you know, I'm from L.

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  • On, uh, you know, I grew up here my whole life.

  • And out here people try toe, you know, find anyway, they get some money, so you probably won't be the last.

  • I know a lot of people are here.

  • It's been insider Agent Jordanovski live on SportsCenter for more on this and watch plain and simple.

  • Realistically, what kind of potential problems are the Clippers facing Sage?

  • Its's kind of hard to see a path with this Johnny Wilkes individual.

  • You know, two significant, if any, real sanctions.

  • He's not the agent, he's not a family member.

  • And you know, when you look at the Sioux and the things he said he provided, uh, to the Clippers, things such as, you know, in the in the meeting with CO I it would be important for you to tell them about how you're going to beat LeBron James and the Lakers.

  • I mean, those are all kind of run of the mill things that you're going to talk about with every player in ah free agency meeting.

  • But the league does.

  • You know they will investigate when there's an allegation they did investigate last year when there were, uh, there were some allegations about Kawhi Leonard's uncle and business.

  • You know, business associate Dennis Robertson in.

  • And they didn't find anything that was punishable to the league.

  • But they'll look into it again now.

  • Okay, let's shift to James Harden and the Houston Rockets.

  • The regular season begins next week.

  • As we all know, any progress vote as his trade request still looms out there before next Wednesday's beginning.

  • Well, Houston's having conversations all over the league well beyond Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

  • Those two preferred destinations for James Harden.

  • But, you know, they're finding a little bit.

  • This is a little bit of a difficult time of the year, you know, to really have teams, uh, be really aggressive in making their offers.

  • Everybody kind of thinks they're gonna be pretty good right now.

  • They kind of want to start the season, see, see what it looks like with their teams.

  • But it can all change a Z, you know, in a trade scenario in a moment.

  • But right now, uh, there's nothing imminent.

  • There's conversations both in the East and West, and, you know, the rockets are going to try to be patient and get what they are really determined to get which is, Ah, high level young player in draft picks in any deal they do for James Harden.

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the N B A is investigating the Clippers and executive consultant Jerry West over their recruitment of Quiet Leonard in 2019.

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Could the Clippers be punished for their recruitment of Kawhi? | SportsCenter

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