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  • with the first pick in the 2002 NBA draft, the Houston Rockets Select.

  • Yeah.

  • Ah Ming from Shanghai, China.

  • A post turnaround way.

  • Houston Fadeaway jumper.

  • He has been unbelievable.

  • A lot of his baskets are turnaround jump shots.

  • He really is a just a terrific shooter from the 10 to 15 ft area.

  • I don't think we've seen a center as kind of shooting.

  • Really?

  • That young man had team Mhm.

  • My first impression of you hours.

  • What does this tell me?

  • Rocket time out.

  • Rocket tremendous play.

  • What a block.

  • David has that still stolen then?

  • Yeah, a little behind the The rejection by young man here is helping with trade away.

  • Hi.

  • Begin with 8/10 of a second remaining.

  • This is Scola.

  • Saves a good catch House opening the oh and give you the basket.

  • Hey, this cola gonna want an assist?

  • Sure.

  • Definitely.

  • The Scuola get the assist.

  • Boston team down, following up through tough shot.

  • It turns the corner raper close to the gal Slams it home.

  • Keep the ball happens.

  • Yeah, I mean, working on Wallace again.

  • Takes it inside.

  • Oh, baby, He slams it over big business.

  • That's what you call at two fresh traffic calming wants in on that right block.

  • He gets it facing up the ball.

  • Fake the drive and the dunk.

  • Oh, yeah, Ming.

  • Well, right by Al Horford.

  • A double on?

  • Yeah, he steps through it and gets it done so that three pointer ties it up.

  • Yeah, I mean, guy smooth, setting up cameras on some beautiful passes.

  • And as I look across Conseco Field, I could see Larry Bird a real smile on his face.

  • But that play by Yao What?

  • Yeah, okay, Francis, with the assist next to Yao Ming.

  • What a move as Dale Davis drop it off Pass right there.

  • And then he comes in for the offensive rebound.

  • Yell with He's formidable.

  • Watch this a little big.

  • I was really impressed.

  • I mean, that's probably the understatement of the night.

  • Like what you see out of him just all over this gale.

  • He's two or three from the field, some nice moves around the basket.

  • He's over to the free throw line, but he's got into the line.

  • Three rebounds in the game gets it up quickly off the glass, showing a little finesse around the booth.

  • Thank you.

  • for your humility.

  • Thank you for your work ethic.

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with the first pick in the 2002 NBA draft, the Houston Rockets Select.

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Yao Ming's blocks, dunks & more career highlights with the Rockets | NBA on ESPN

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