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  • [CollegeHumor Originals.]

  • Oh... hello.

  • Do it.

  • Take a selfie.

  • Here?

  • -In the bathroom? -Mm-hmm

  • Isn't that a little narcissistic?

  • Selfies are empowering.

  • They help young girls redefine the standards of beauty.

  • Oh, that's nice.

  • So stick out your tits and take a picture.

  • Okay...

  • Adorbz!

  • I'm just concerning that this is gonna come across as like some pathetic plea for attention.

  • Do you know what selfie stands for?

  • Self-portrait.

  • Guess who does self-portraits?

  • Artists, like Van Gogh.

  • And James Franco.

  • Astronauts take selfies.

  • In outer space, as they test the limits of mankind!

  • Not in the bathroom where they just took a shit.

  • She made me second-guess my selfie.

  • It's fine, no first draft ever made it to Instagram.

  • Just relax.

  • You know, let your body just fall the way it naturally does.

  • You can't post that.

  • You will look like a raging narcissist.

  • It's the Internet.

  • Everyone does.

  • Just hashtag "nomakeup" and text "some money to cancer".

  • That's indulgences.

  • Paying money to be relieved of guilt?

  • No one's gonna buy that.

  • Why do you give such a fuck what other people think?

  • Uh... actually I don't give a fuck.

  • That's why I don't post selfies.

  • Well, I don't either.

  • And that's why I do.

  • I also don't give a fuck.

  • Fine.

  • Make a weird face but caption it: "Being Silly. What is my life?"

  • What?

  • No, cute weird.

  • Stick your tongue out, but still have beautiful eyes.

  • Now look away like you don't know you are taking a picture of yourself.

  • Does that make sense to you?

  • What you just said?

  • Now hold up a sign about feminism, but still have great cleavage. [Feminism is awesome.]

  • It's really starting to seem like you do give a fuck.

  • Oh my God, adorbz.

  • Just being a nerd, #nomakeup.

  • No one's gonna fall for this.

  • I don't normally post selfies, but just being goofy, and living life LOL. #cancerresearch

  • Oh gross.

  • Did you see Arence's selfie?

  • She is such an attention whore.

  • It's like, stop shoving your face on my feed.

  • [Adorbz.]

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  • Because these videos matter, we're here, right now, doing it, Kony 2012, gotta find him, where is he?

  • I dunnohe's the... bad guy?

  • Gotta get at that rascal!

[CollegeHumor Originals.]

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