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  • -Guys, as you know, every week we try to bring you some

  • uplifting, creative videos, whether they come

  • from quarantine or just stuff around the country.

  • It is time for "What Are You Doing Wednesday?"

  • ♪ -What are you doing next Wednesday? ♪

  • What are you doing next Wednesday? ♪

  • -First up, this man invented his own sport -- log dancing.

  • ♪♪

  • Okay.

  • Don't stick the dismount!

  • Alright! Well. Gah! [ Laughter ]

  • Russian judge gave him a 9.3!

  • Ah, you got to stick the landing, buddy.

  • Next, this kid is showing some early signs of road rage.

  • Check this out.

  • [ Horn honks ] [ Laughter ]

  • Yeah, that's the way he honks the horn.

  • That's already a viral TikTok dance challenge.

  • [ Laughter ] Honk!

  • In this next video, a mom was asked

  • to jump rope while blindfolded.

  • Let's see how she did.

  • -Hannah's gonna hand you the jump rope,

  • and you're gonna try to do it blindfolded.

  • Okay, ready? 3, 2, 1, go.

  • [ Laughs ] Oh, my God, you're doing it!

  • [ Laughter ]

  • Ah, those kids are getting nothing for Christmas.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • And finally, this woman had to face

  • one of her biggest fears --

  • those instant-biscuit swirly cans.

  • You know those? -Yes.

  • -Those things where you don't know when that thing's gonna p--

  • Yeah, so here, watch.

  • -So, one of my fears I've had since childhood --

  • these swirly cans.

  • Like, opening them makes me so nervous

  • because as a kid, like, everyone in my house

  • would just take the can and, like, bang it against a --

  • [ Can pops ] Aah!

  • [ Laughter ]

  • -Exactly what you don't want happening!

  • There you go, everybody.

  • That was "What Are You Doing Wednesday?"

-Guys, as you know, every week we try to bring you some

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What Are You Doing Wednesdays: Jumping Rope Blindfolded, Dancing on Logs

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/17
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