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  • In July we usually go down to San Diego

  • for a week of shows at Comic-Con.

  • Obviously, this year Comic-Con did not happen

  • because of COVID.

  • However, that did not stop our friends at Funko,

  • the company that makes Pop! vinyl figures,

  • from once again creating

  • five new limited edition Conan Pop! figures.

  • Yes, five. Check 'em out.

  • There is yours truly as Wonder Woman right there.

  • Got the lasso and everything.

  • You've got...

  • Oh, this is cool.

  • Conan as Chucky,

  • which sadly just looks like me.

  • Yeah. No real difference.

  • Mini-Conan. Yeah.

  • Here's

  • Conan as Marty McFly.

  • Yes. That's a good one.

  • You gotta have that one.

  • Here's

  • Conan as Aquaman.

  • I'm fierce in this one. I've got a trident and everything.

  • Yeah. Look out, he'll swim at ya.

  • (Conan laughs)

  • And then look at this sexy pose.

  • Conan as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

  • Look at that.

  • That is a sensual doll.

  • Oh, is that like the Jeff Goldblum thing?

  • Yeah, Jeff Goldblum.

  • "Jurassic Park." He's gonna be pissed.

  • Look at that. And guess what?

  • This is now the second-most sensual doll I own.

  • Oh boy.

  • Okay, these are collectible vinyl figures

  • that we normally give out at Comic-Con.

  • Instead we're giving them away to our viewers

  • over the next two weeks.

  • A special code will be shown each night during "Conan."

  • To enter, go to,

  • enter that night's code, see if you're an instant winner.

  • Fans also have a second chance to win

  • by following Team Coco on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Gang, you gotta get these.

  • Think of it: someday your family

  • is gonna have to remove these from your house after you die

  • and find some use for them.

  • It's exciting.

In July we usually go down to San Diego

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Conan Reveals The 2020 Conan Funko Pop! Figures - CONAN on TBS

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