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  • who starts at quarterback for Philadelphia next week.

  • Oh, Jalen hurts.

  • That's an easy question.

  • You know, Doug Peterson said that he needed to spark on their offense, and Jalen Hurts gave him that.

  • I'd argue he was a consistent flame for that offense.

  • Jalen Hurts was the difference for the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

  • Now listen, yes, that was the best coached that they have been all year with the way they ran.

  • There are pose and the way they schemed guys up to get open.

  • Most of their offense was run game or the quarterback outside of the pocket in the defense played really good.

  • But Jalen Hurts was outstanding.

  • He did two things better than you know Carson's done this year.

  • One.

  • His decisiveness helped their football team.

  • It got the ball out of his hands.

  • It allowed others to go and make some plays, and then he never heard 13.

  • You know, his legs said okay.

  • The flaws of our team or the weakness of our team is our ability to pass, protect and whatnot.

  • I'm not going to hurt our football team with that way.

  • So you saw a lot of scrambles.

  • You saw a lot of designed runs.

  • And you saw him going, Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna allow my athleticism to be something that our team can utilize our team that it desperately needs right now.

  • So he was more than just the spark.

  • He was a consistent flame in a complete difference maker for their football team.

  • He's their starting quarterback next week and for the rest of the season, it certainly feels that way.

  • So, Ryan Clark, what does this mean?

  • He was supposed to be a lamb being led to the smarter against this really good New Orleans defense yesterday, And that would have made it a lot easier in some ways for Doug Peterson.

  • Now what?

  • You know I'm with you, Greeny.

  • I disagree with Doug Peterson on this being about one person and that one person isn't about Jalen hurts because I can't necessarily say that Jalen Hurts is the sole reason that this team for the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints.

  • But I can't say that Carson Wentz not being the quarterback is the reason they beat the Philly.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints, and you look at the way that Jalen hurts was able to play.

  • I told you last week I felt like this was Apollo Creed going to face Ivan Drago at the beginning of Rocky four.

  • But that's not what we saw.

  • We saw that this defense could bleed.

  • We saw that Jalen hurts when pressured on 14 plays.

  • They gained 82 yards because he got outside of the pocket.

  • We saw how effective the design quarterback run could be, and also the scramble out of the pocket and Jalen Hurts was poised.

  • Jalen Hurts looked like he was in full command off what Doug Peterson was asking him to do.

  • But everybody else played better.

  • And that's what I mean about Carson Wentz not being the quarterback.

  • Look at the Philadelphia Eagles when they played with Nick Foles, the way the defense stepped up the run game.

  • We saw some of the same things, and Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

  • So the question has to be, why is that?

  • Why is our team better when Carson Wentz isn't the quarterback?

  • Well, that is a question.

  • They're gonna have to get answered.

  • I will come back to you on that one in a minute, but I did want Rex to ask you because you had some questions about Jalen Hurts and you weren't alone.

  • What did he show you yesterday, man?

  • Everything.

  • It starts.

  • First off, this is a team win.

  • I get it.

  • What Doug Peterson saying?

  • But it was inspired by one man and the way he played the poise that he played with, Like I questioned the skill set.

  • Man.

  • Oh, man, I'm not seeing the big picture.

  • The big picture is this guy is a winner.

  • He's got the poise.

  • And they did a great job with them, man.

  • Deh it was college all over.

  • He's running zone.

  • Reads this man ran for over 100 yards against the team that hadn't had 100 yard rusher in 55 straight game.

  • So I mean, he was amazing in this game for those eyes.

  • He gonna be the quarterback next week.

  • Are you kidding me?

  • The conversation is gonna be Is he gonna be the quarterback moving forward, including next year?

  • That's what he's going to try to answer.

  • But I was blown away by this young man's performance.

  • I'm glad you said I wanted to give you the chance to say it because you had questions and many people had questions.

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who starts at quarterback for Philadelphia next week.

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