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  • Luigi is the best guy from Mario, okay?

  • In the comments of my Super Mario World video,

  • I had some guy saying "thank God Luigi isn't in this game." Well guess what, asshole?

  • Luigi is in the game actually. In fact

  • he's the first boss.

  • Luigi was originally just a palette swap of Mario

  • resulting from his name sounding like the Japanese word

  • "Ruiji", meaning Mario's brother, but he later started being given other attributes such as...

  • John Leguizamo

  • and other palette swap.

  • He would also go on to star in his own hentai game, called Mario is Missing which sees him

  • undressing Bowser to save his brother. That's right - Luigi was the hero here. As was he in Luigi's Mansion

  • Hahaha, laugh at Mario because of how bad he is! I bet Mario couldn't rescue himself.

  • It was at this point that Luigi's popularity was so high, Nintendo had to bring in a bad version of Luigi to help balance him out.

  • Now, did Mario ever get a guy like this?

  • Nope!

  • They even tried making him the villain in Super Paper Mario, but uh-oh! Luigi saves the day yet again.

  • You'd think in a game called Mario and Luigi:

  • Superstar Saga they'd once again be equals, but no. In this game Mario wants to be like Luigi

  • so bad, he tries to turn green but dies and then that - then, there were no more of those games.

  • Remember when Mario 64 came out and Luigi

  • wasn't in it,

  • but there were all these rumors like if you go to the back right side of Peach's

  • Castle and do the Mario, you'll unlock Luigi as a playable character?

  • Then they turned out to be false and Mario 64 went on to be one of the worst games in Mario history. Even

  • IGN gave it a bad review which you know at the time was a Nintendo 64 fan site called GameSpot,

  • so that's how you know they weren't being biased. Then they remade the game for the DS

  • a year later with Luigi in it and the reception was through the roof.

  • The game was so successful that Nintendo launched a Year of Luigi campaign to celebrate all things Luigi. We got a new Luigi's Mansion,

  • uh, 6000th New Super Mario Brothers, uh, we got Dr. Mario with the green filter over it,

  • we got the new Luigi RPG where he copes with the death of his brother.

  • Uhh, they put out this really weird parkour video,

  • lost like half a billion dollars and killed the dude who played him in the live-action series, so if that's not a celebration,

  • I don't know what is - to top it all off Luigi has a much better taste in women than Mario.

  • How many times has Princess Peach been kidnapped? The counter on the Nintendo website currently says a million.

  • which is high as shit. Luigi's girlfriend...

  • Bayonetta on the other hand actually knows how to fend for herself - Luigi may not have been in Mario Sunshine

  • but it's okay because someone actually modded the game to add a co-op mode which lets another player control Shadow Mario, oh wait...

  • But at least in Super Mario Odyssey there's gonna be a co-op mode that lets you control the ha - oh, fuck's sake.

  • Luigi will always be the better of the Mario brothers.

  • He outshines Mario in every way,

  • okay? Mario always resorts to violence in order to save the princess, but Luigi...

  • ...can get a hole-in-one -

  • almost...There is just no competition when it comes to these two

  • and I will not hesitate to block anyone who says Luigi isn't the best Nintendo character of all time.

  • know who's better than Luigi is Yoshi, okay, Yoshi is the best guy from Mario-

  • (cough)

Luigi is the best guy from Mario, okay?

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Luigi is the Best

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