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  • [MUSIC]

  • Stanford University.

  • >> Today, I'm going to deliver a news to Professor

  • Andrei Linde, who is the founding father of inflation.

  • So inflation is the theory about the bang of the big bang,

  • it explains why we have all this stuff in the universe.

  • So today I'm going to tell him, our experiment, Bicep two based

  • at South Pole, has found the smoking gun evidence of inflation.

  • He has no idea that I'm coming.

  • [SOUND] >> Oh.

  • >> What?

  • >> So I have a surprise for you.

  • >> Wow.

  • >> It's Phi Sigma at point two.

  • >> Discovered.

  • >> Yes.

  • >> What.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> Just a second.

  • Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake.

  • >> Phi Sigma as clear as day are at point two.

  • >> Can you repeat it again?

  • >> R point two plus minus point alt five.

  • >> Point two.

  • >> We must [SOUND] stop there.

  • [LAUGH]

  • >> We don't expect anybody here.

  • It's probably some kind of delivery.

  • Did you order anything?

  • Yeah, I ordered something [LAUGH] 30 years ago.

  • [LAUGH] >> Finally it arrived.

  • >> Cheers, cheers.

  • >> Congratulations.

  • >> [INAUDIBLE].

  • >> We are talking right now about the billionth of the billionth

  • of the millionth of a million of a second, after the big bang.

  • So we see the face of the big bang, it is an image of these gravitational waves

  • which is purely quantum gravity feature of, of what was produced in the big bang.

  • So this, is the remaining part of the story.

  • >> It's all there.

  • >> It's all there.

  • >> They all three different experiments.

  • >> Yes.

  • >> If this is true, this is a moment of understanding of nature.

  • Of such a magnitude, that it just overwhelms.

  • and, let's see.

  • Let's, let's just hope that this is not a trick.

  • I always live with this feeling.

  • What if I'm tricked?

  • What if I, I believe into this, just because it is beautiful?

  • What if

  • yes.

  • So this is really helpful.

  • [LAUGH] To have events like that.

  • It is really, really helpful.

  • Thank you so much, for doing it for us.

  • >> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • >> For more, please visit us at


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