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  • first of all, I want to say I love that wolf painting behind you.

  • When you have the combination of the wolf, your buzz cut your and then that evil beard.

  • You were a fierce, fierce guy on Zoom.

  • You were the fiercest zoom call I've ever had.

  • Fantastic.

  • Yes.

  • Zits.

  • Amazing.

  • Um, can you know where I could get a wolf painting?

  • I need a wolf painting behind me, because this this isn't doing it.

  • I need a fierce yelling wolf.

  • You know what's great?

  • I had this commission back in the true blood days.

  • This was my wolf from true blood, my wolf thunder that I used to transform into.

  • I had a bunch of pictures.

  • I took a bunch of pictures of them and sent them off to a painter that I was introduced Thio.

  • And this came out.

  • This is Ah, one of one.

  • But it's funny you say that because I could just call that painter up and have them paint.

  • Um, yeah, but I don't think ah Wolf works for you.

  • I think I need a frightened Leamer.

  • You know, like a friend Got an idea.

  • I've got an idea.

  • Oh, who's this?

  • This is.

  • Wait.

  • This is your This is your dog bubbles, Is that right?

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • This is bubbles.

  • Thistles, bubbles, bubbles is how long have you had bubbles?

  • For?

  • About a year and a half.

  • Look at the wolf is trying to eat bubbles.

  • That's the optical illusion.

  • Right now, Bubbles is running from, But that's your painting.

  • This is your painting.

  • I have a wolf.

  • You have more of a bubbles guy.

  • What a cute.

  • Let's talk about bubbles for a second.

  • Because I know you post a lot of photos of bubbles.

  • You've got this picture you put up of bubbles.

  • Your dogs sort of as Baby Yoda.

  • Very nice.

  • Do they get along?

  • Uh, she doesn't really like Baby Yoda.

  • I think she's maybe jealous of Baby Yoda that maybe we're gonna hug Baby Yoda and feed Baby Yoda more than her.

  • It's gonna start taking a more attention.

  • So there's a rivalry brewing between the two.

  • I understand there's another rivalry, which is correct me if I'm wrong, that bubbles kind of prefers you to Sofia.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • Uh, I was are notorious for just picking somebody's that they pick a person and she picked me right away.

  • When the shelter brought her over, she actually jumped away from the shelter.

  • People ran over to me to pick her up and then started growling at the people from the shelter, like go away.

  • And then Sophia tried to grab her.

  • She growled at Sofia, Really?

  • So Bubbles doesn't like Sofia but prefers you.

  • She likes Sophia.

  • Now Sofia is feeds her a lot, and she likes that.

  • So anytime Sophia is in the kitchen, she'll run around because she knows there's gonna be some food.

  • But otherwise Yeah, it's, uh see it.

  • Zsofia has been a little bit jealous.

  • You know, I have to say, Joe, I can relate because the first time I met you guys, my immediate attraction was to you when I was very hostile to Sofia.

  • They say that tall Irish people pick someone, and then you're there, person on, and I totally understand.

  • That s o I actually I've a lot of people out there.

  • They don't know that I Sometimes I will hold Conan like this.

  • No, no, we'll give me his belly, and I will just rub cones, belly and feet and treats whenever I get uptight.

  • Everyone in my world says you got to go to Joe's house and let him hold you and rub your belly.

  • And I do, and I immediately calm down.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Yeah, that way.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

first of all, I want to say I love that wolf painting behind you.

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Joe Manganiello's Dog Bubbles Isn't A Baby Yoda Fan - CONAN on TBS

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