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  • So instead of a commercial break, we're gonna dio that tonight's more show is brought to you by Google's year in search.

  • It's their annual short film that I'm gonna show you in just a minute, which explores the previous 12 months.

  • Top Google search trends.

  • See, every year there's one search term that stands out more than the others.

  • For instance, 2017 was the year of people searching how in 2020 was the year of people searching.

  • Why, it's understandable.

  • We've all been through a lot this year.

  • And the why questions that topped 2020 reflect that, Like why air flights canceled.

  • Why is the MBA postponed?

  • Why're schools closed and why is toilet paper sold out?

  • I have a quick follow up question.

  • Why haven't you heard of the pandemic?

  • And how do you search Google from under that rock?

  • And because we're doing this Google thing, we asked them What were the top searches about me?

  • Well, it turns out, and this is absolutely rial.

  • The number one question about me in 2020 was, How old is Stephen Colbert?

  • Come on, that's an unfair question.

  • This year, 2020 has been brutal, but I still like to think I'm aging like a bottle of fine wine out of the sun, a little dusty and filled with wine.

  • All these questions are kind of a cool snapshot of humanity.

  • And, you know, it's easy to forget that you can pull out a device like this one from your pocket and search Google for literally every piece of information ever generated by civilization.

  • Like, how does calculus work and what is consciousness and what are the four noble truths you see?

  • The things we search truly reflect who we are, Cat stressed his Boba Fett.

  • Truly an age of enlightenment.

  • So what has the rest of the world have been searching all year?

  • That's what Google's Year in search video is for.

  • Here's a look at what was on our minds in 2020.

  • The most human trait is toe.

  • Want to know why?

  • And in a year that tested everyone around the world, why was searched?

  • More than ever, the spread of the coronavirus has passed a significant milestone.

  • And while we didn't find all the answers, way kept asking some questions inspired joy, others excitement.

  • E yes, yes, yes.

  • I don't know what an improper fraction is Keep all of those distractions way found.

  • Talented way God put it on there and started out for a What are you doing?

  • It's still march.

  • How many days in March?

  • Some questions made us cry.

  • You know, we've been through are upset.

  • Been through our downs I think the most important part that we all stay together throughout.

  • I love you guys.

  • Some made us worry about this spinning rock we call home.

  • Fires were detected in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Why were so many lives lost?

  • Almost 1.5 million people have now died of covert 19 worldwide.

  • Why are we still asking the same questions?

  • George Floyd repeatedly told the officers that he could not breathe.

  • Yeah, So why do we still have strength to continue?

  • E believe in your power?

  • I believe in our power.

  • Chance of black lodge matter echoed from thousands of protesters in cities around the world.

  • Why are we not to shoot way have made too much progress.

  • We're not going back.

  • We're going Follow planes are starting to arrive in Beirut full of international aid.

  • Firefighters from around the world arriving in California ever over 100 coronavirus vaccines in development worldwide.

  • This is one of those times when people look out for one another and have each other's backs.

  • We kept going for those who showed us the way.

  • Think about how you would like the world to be for your daughters and granddaughter.

  • Remember, the struggles along the way are on Lee met to shape you for your purpose.

  • Press on with pride and press on with purpose.

  • Why is it that this year showed its its worst way?

  • Still found ways to try an incredible feat for my A s open championship?

  • Can't let Corona stop You can't let quarantine you.

  • So until we get toe every answer we're still searching Mhm.

So instead of a commercial break, we're gonna dio that tonight's more show is brought to you by Google's year in search.

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