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  • My name's Melanie Marshall.

  • I've been a Director at MKDC for 25 years now.

  • My own journey along the way with motherhood and

  • being a mother that works outside the home certainly

  • has made me a lot more sympathetic to and

  • understanding of the position that some of our

  • key people have been in in terms of making that happen

  • and enabling it.

  • It's so important to encourage flexibility for

  • working mothers, and that was kind of a good driver

  • for me to come back to work and I'm at work.

  • And when I have needed support to be at home and work,

  • yeah, no qualms really.

  • How it benefits the organisation is really

  • retaining that knowledge and those skills that have

  • been built up in the time that person's been with us.

  • The gains from an economic and a morale point of view

  • are very much there.

  • In the past I'd been with other firms that maybe that

  • was said that it was flexible, but it really wasn't,

  • and culturally it wasn't comfortable to get flexibility.

  • Whereas here, they just said to me 'Look, if you

  • can hit all the KPIs of really just getting the

  • projects done in the way we need them to be done,

  • then we'll get there how we get there'.

  • There's a lot of evidence-based research to

  • show that part time working women are more productive.

  • You're probably going to get more bang for your buck

  • with a working mum.

  • Synergy is a management consulting firm that

  • specialises in provision of a range of consulting services.

  • People are brought up, they've watched their parents

  • go to work 48 weeks a year, 37.5 hours a week.

  • They've come through other organisations where that

  • was what was expected.

  • It was absolutely a key thing to remove that stigma

  • of part time or flexible work.

  • Part of what we have set up here is that flexible

  • workplace arrangements are the standard, the norm

  • for everybody, so whether that be flexibility in hours

  • or flexibility in the workplace of where and how you work.

  • That is so appreciated by our staff.

  • They don't feel like second class citizens because

  • they're a part time worker for example.

  • They feel just as valued as every other employee,

  • and hence they want to repay that loyalty

  • and that faith and trust.

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Flexible work policies - the new normal for competitive business

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