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  • Forest.

  • Johnson will travel to Brussels tomorrow for a meeting over dinner with EU Commission president in an attempt to unblock talks on a post Brexit trade deal.

  • Negotiations remain stuck with just over three weeks to go before the transition period ends at the end of December.

  • The politicians hope that meeting in person will lead to a solution.

  • Deputy Political editor Vicky Young report.

  • Well, the big deal.

  • Prime minister Trade talks have run into trouble on Boris Johnson will soon need to take some difficult decisions.

  • Everyone's waiting to see if there's a way through.

  • I think the situation the moment is very tricky.

  • Our friends have just got to understand that three U.

  • K.

  • Has left the European Union in order, uh, to be able to exercise Democratic control over over the way we do things.

  • And, uh, then there's also the issue of fisheries where we're a long way apart still, but you know, hope springs eternal.

  • There has been progress in another very tricky area to avoid checks along the Irish border.

  • Northern Ireland will continue to follow some you rules, but that means inspections on certain goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK businesses there have been worried about extra paperwork on the impact on food and medicine supplies.

  • How do you start on?

  • Peel the complexity that is Northern Ireland on, not create any instability on.

  • So I think if they got some sort of solution today, Alberta, that's late.

  • We will definitely welcome it and will be so pleased.

  • And we really hope that with the detail that comes out, that they really listen to some of our concerns.

  • This has been a hugely complicated and controversial issue where economic considerations have had to be seen in the context of a delicate peace process.

  • Positives have been difficult to find in recent days when it comes to Brexit negotiations.

  • But this is most certainly Ah, very important positive for the island of Ireland as a whole because what this does now is it provides the guarantees that Ireland's place in the single market and the issues around the border are now all settled.

  • Hopefully, this'll is a signal that the British government is in deal making mood.

  • Some see today's agreement as a positive sign for the broader trade talks, but don't forget those arrangements in Northern Ireland will apply whether there's a deal or not.

  • And you sources say that their chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has told European ministers that we're now tilting towards no deal on while politicians talk, The uncertainty effects businesses everywhere.

  • The manager of this sawmill in Somerset says he's ready to adapt.

  • Way have to be positive, as we possibly can about it on move forward.

  • We employ 34 people at a couple part timers, and for us having to let people go is the worst.

  • The worst thing for May.

  • So my biggest fear is having to let staff members go.

  • If there's any off, this price increases and we become less efficient on def, we go into recession.

  • Tomorrow, Boris Johnson heads to Brussels for a dinner with the president of the European Commission.

  • Ah, last chance to find a breakthrough on a trade deal that both sides consign up.

  • Thio, Vicky Young, BBC News Westminster, Our island correspondent Emma Body is that storm aunt for us, and Emma tell us more about the reaction to that decision on the Irish border.

  • Well, it has been cautiously welcomed here in Northern Ireland as progress it means lots of companies are now going to get answers about the process.

  • They'll have to go through to get goods from Northern Ireland into their biggest market G B on to get important things like supermarket shipments of food over the Irish Sea onto the shelves here.

  • But really, the devil's gonna be in the detail when that is all going to be revealed.

  • Um, tomorrow.

  • Now, don't forget.

  • In January, those special arrangements will kick in for Northern Ireland, where Northern Ireland has to continue sticking by EU rules.

  • That's because Northern Ireland is effectively becoming a new gateway into the EU on.

  • So people are very fund of reminding Boris Johnson because cos they're having to get ready for all those new checks and you paperwork, he told them.

  • Previously, Look, don't worry.

  • When you get through all of this, you're going to chuck some of that paperwork into the bin.

  • Now we're gonna find out tomorrow if that is really the case and how much the added burden of red tape on traders is going to be reduced.

  • And of course, the reason why that is so important is because any added bureaucracy has an implication for the cost of goods that we have on the shelves on.

  • Of course, the range of goods.

  • Particularly that consumers here in Northern Ireland come by, Emma.

  • Thank you, Emma.

  • Body there.


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Boris Johnson heads for Brussels after “No Deal” warning - BBC News

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