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  • Grading in Google classroom is a fairly simple process

  • Each assignment has its own page where you can review your students work give feedback and also issue grades all in one place

  • There are two ways to grade assignments. You can go to the classwork tab

  • select the assignment you want

  • Then click view assignment in the bottom left corner

  • Or you can go up to the grades tab and then open the assignment from there

  • Either path will take you to the student work page for that assignment

  • From here. You can check your students progress review their submissions and also issue grades

  • to open a submission click the one you want the

  • Student's work will appear in the main part of the window with the grading tool off to the right in

  • the grade field you can type the grade you'd like to give

  • You can also leave feedback for the student in the private comments area

  • If there's more than one submission waiting to be graded

  • You can use the bar at the top to navigate between students your feedback and grades will be saved as a draft

  • Which you can then send off when you're ready

  • when you're finished grading click the Return button to return the current submission or click the arrow to the right and

  • You can return multiple submissions at once in this example. We'll return just the one and

  • Then click here to confirm

  • Once you start grading assignments, you'll find lots of useful info on the grades tab

  • for instance, you can see each student's grade for each assignment as well as the student's overall grades and the class average if

  • You're not seeing overall grades. It's because you're not using the overall grading feature

  • Which you can turn on in your classes settings to learn more about grading systems in Google classroom

  • Check out our getting started video on

  • The it's tab. You can easily learn more about a student just by clicking their name

  • you'll be taken to a page with the summary of their work including any pending or missing assignments if

  • You'd like to export your students grades to a spreadsheet visit any student work page

  • From here. Click the gear icon in the top right corner, then choose copy all grades to Google sheets

  • Keep in mind unlike the grades tab. This sheet will not update automatically if you grade more assignments, you'll need to export it again

  • One last thing at the time of this video

  • Google classroom is offering a beta program that lets you export grades to your school's student information system or sis

  • To learn more visit the Google classroom Help Center and search for info on beta programs or sis

  • So those are the basics you're ready to start grading assignments and giving feedback in Google classroom

  • GCF global creating opportunities for a better life

Grading in Google classroom is a fairly simple process

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Google Classroom: Grading and Feedback

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/16
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