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  • Yeah.

  • Seven 90 day.

  • Nothing day more issue or problem or I needed Thio.

  • What?

  • Chiyoko.

  • So whenever I had some kind of So what?

  • Okay.

  • Oh, hi, everyone, this is Ellie.

  • You probably remember me from the other two videos, so I thought that I would properly introduce myself.

  • As I said, My name is Elie and I come from a very small country.

  • Slovakia.

  • We have only 1000 inhabitants living in my village.

  • So you can probably imagine how shocked I waas when I got on the Tokyo metro and so more people on the train that in my entire village there was quite a culture shock.

  • But I've been wanting to come to Japan since I was around seven years old, I think.

  • And it started with a song called Sakura Sakura that my sister showed me.

  • And in this song they used lots of traditional instruments like shamisen and called up, and it totally mesmerized me.

  • And I just knew that I wanted to come to Japan and start learning it, and that's what I'm actually trying to do nowadays.

  • Although it's not as, um successful and smooth as I was expecting it to be but I am doing my best.

  • So, apart from music, another thing that attracted me about Japan was definitely an image as well and the culture and traditions and just very rich history.

  • But after I came to Japan, I realized that my favorite thing about Japan is definitely the people that I meet.

  • I've been very lucky with the encounters while traveling, or just the people that I meet every day, because everybody treated me very nice.

  • Everybody was very open.

  • So that was such an important thing for me, because when you come to a foreign country, you might feel alone.

  • In the beginning.

  • Of course, there's the beginning phase where you kind of feel alone.

  • But thanks to the people that I met, I feel like I'm part of a community now.

  • That's definitely something that I appreciate the most, and I hope that I could meet even more people, especially when traveling.

  • I want to speak to more locals.

  • I want to hear their story and hear about their life because, you know, they're very willing to share, uh, their story with you as long as you're willing to listen.

  • And even in the beginning, when I couldn't even speak Japanese.

  • Just some few words.

  • Despite the language barrier, I still felt like we could communicate.

  • They were still very open and welcoming.

  • So I want to meet more off these kinds of people.

  • I want to see Mawr off the places that are off the beaten path.

  • Off course.

  • Very popular places in Japan are amazing and beautiful, but I feel like these off the beaten path in Japan have some sort of magic.

  • So I hope that I can discover more of these kinds of places that I hope that I can share this with all of you.

  • And I hope that you can enjoy Japan just as much as I do, because it's truly a wonderful place.

  • So let us get along.

  • There's gonna guys mass.


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New MC for WAO-RYU! ONLY in JAPAN "Ellie"

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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