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  • and you're known for your one liners for your come backs and things and you have a background in comedy is well, so that can't hurt.

  • Yeah, I think comedy is all about the timing, isn't it?

  • That's what they say.

  • And there's a time and place for everything and like there sometimes on that field I say things and I said something on the weekend Thio player in the game in months to Glasgow, where I had given a decision that the advantage was over.

  • Onder the player asked me, Quite likely so.

  • He was a captain and ask, you know, why don't we not going back with a scrub was advantage over and I said no advantages over.

  • It was a poor pass for you under no undue pressure.

  • Which means because it was no pressure on you to make that pass.

  • Then we don't take that into account so advantages over.

  • So if you check the past, which wasn't the best of passes, but you were under pressure to pass it because the defense was right on top of you, then advantage would not have been over.

  • So you explain to the place.

  • I just told this place look, because it was a poor pass for you under low pressure advantages over and he said and he was quite with himself.

  • He came back and said, Oh, sure, thanks, coach and a smile and we both went on with the game.

  • But I didn't say that because I think or I want to be disrespectful to this player about the past.

  • I want people to think that this is funny.

  • I don't even think that is witty.

  • I just said Exactly, Look, this is a reason why advantages over on Ben, you know, on.

  • But thankfully the majority of people in rugby, I've taken it in the right context of what is meant, including that player himself.

  • But I don't go out on that field to be funny or to do nothing else.

  • I just go out to do my job, and that's the most important thing.

  • Andi.

  • I suppose sometimes witty things come out because I just say it as is, and that's part of me, who I am as my personality, my upbringing, I guess the humor that I was brought up within the family and the community in West Wales, the farming community was brought up.

  • It was a different type of humor.

  • Andi.

  • I was on stage of 14 years of age doing stand up comedy along, you know, two years before I even picked up the whistle to referee a game.

  • So it's part off me, really.

  • It's natural and it happens when I feel it or what I say it.

  • I just say it.

  • But never do I ever think I'm gonna say this because I want to be funny.

  • Ondas a time and place You know, if if you penalize a player or you yellow card player, then that's not the time to say something funny or or to say your joke.

  • So you know, I just say it as it is.

  • But I like to think that when I say it as it is on the field, I say it in the context that I mean it on and thankfully, the majority of people and basically pretty much nearly all the all the players, if not all of them take it in that context.

  • Really, Um, I refereed, unless I suppose this will sum up a bit about society we live in today.

  • I guess I Referee Land stood against Scarlets a couple of weeks ago we were about 10 minutes before the end of the game.

  • There has been nothing controversial in the game.

  • Was a great game of rugby to positive teams playing good rugby on.

  • I penalized instead about 10 minutes to go on, but I had my back now to the touch line which is about 50 m away on the ball.

  • Boy chuck the ball onto the Scarlets player for him to take the penalty on.

  • It caught me the back of the head.

  • So when somebody hits to the back of the head or something hits in the back and then the first thing you do is turn around and see.

  • When did it come from?

  • What happened?

  • So the ball catches me on the top of the head, Back of the head.

  • I just turned around and the poor ball boys on the touchline, He's gone bright red and he goes, you know, Sorry.

  • Sorry goes like this, you know?

  • And I just sort of went over to him.

  • But the yellow card out and sort of gave him the yellow card with a student look because, as if I was giving it to a player on, then gave him a big smile and he trundled off and then the ball into the touch and I went down.

  • I shook his hand and said, You okay?

  • He said yes.

  • He said, Sorry about that.

  • I don't worry about it.

  • I said on shook his hand and got on it, and I signed the mass jersey for him and I got hold of who he was, and I posted it out to him and he actually had the jersey last week.

  • But then what surprised me was then, you know, I didn't plan that I didn't think, or if a ball boy took the ball of me one day, I'm gonna give me yellow card.

  • I just reacted the way that I would react in any situation in everyday life.

  • Andi.

  • I reacted because it was the right thing to do at the time.

  • They've been nothing controversial in the game.

  • If there is something controversial in the game or they'd be in a yellow card, which was debatable, I probably would have reacted that way and given the yellow card because you have people quite, really quite rightly saying, Well, look, it's just yellow carded somebody for a dubious yellow card decision 10 minutes ago and I was making a joke out of it and yellow card in the ball boy on.

  • They would be right.

  • So there's a time and place for everything.

  • So I support part of your up bring in and some of my comedy background, if you guess, is knowing, I suppose, how to react and went to react.

  • But But what surprised me with that Waas?

  • And as I said, I think this sums of society where we live in today, how many people commented and say, What a wonderful thing, what a great guy you are.

  • What?

  • What a lovely thing to do.

  • You made that ball Boys Day on, I thought, really is.

  • It's such a wonderful thing.

  • Isn't this something we all should be doing?

  • Is not taking life too seriously sometimes and have the ability toe the have a smile and a joke when when the time is right, You know, I do sometimes think that we are living in a time where political correctness has gone to the extreme health and safety has gone to the extreme people afraid to have a joke and have a smile anymore.

  • And you know, if that's the way society is going to go away, we're gonna be living a very, very sad place in years to come.

  • I certainly hope it won't be in my life because I wouldn't like to live in a society where we're afraid to have a joke and a smile anymore.

  • When when the time is right.

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and you're known for your one liners for your come backs and things and you have a background in comedy is well, so that can't hurt.

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