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  • I'm always on the hunt for a good book.

  • Gotcha.

  • And recently a friend of mine recommended how to date men when you hate men upon reading the title, I was incredibly excited.

  • I thought I would open this book and immediately be greeted with the key to navigating dating in a world where I both love and fear men in equal measure.

  • I mean, beyond just the disappointment, frustration and awkwardness of dating.

  • There's all the survival prep you have to do.

  • Like sending a pin of my location a time limit for when my friend should hear from me by and a code word just in case I'm being held against my will.

  • Because the advice my father gave me when it came to dating was three words Don't get murdered.

  • All right, sweetie, you got your pepper spray appointed Kitty key Chain weapon, A GPS tracking necklace and roofie detecting nail polish.

  • Plus 20 years of hand to hand combat.

  • Thanks to yours truly.

  • Have a great time, sweetie.

  • I hope you have so much fun.

  • Just relax.

  • Have fun yourself.

  • And I hope you need a really nice man.

  • And look, I'm not saying that women should know how to defend themselves.

  • I absolutely value and advocate for self defense.

  • And though murder is never totally off my mind, I know that the worst I encounter are Peter Pants on.

  • No ever saddling dull, picky bankers.

  • Hi.

  • It's me popping up here and there, just in case.

  • Someday I want to cash in on this on players.

  • Okay, So, like, I got you a toothbrush, huh?

  • Yeah, there was, like a sail it like Costco.

  • So I bought a whole pack.

  • So whoever needs one could have one now what?

  • But it's kind of funny that every time I go out on a date, I hope that instead of meeting someone who could potentially end my life, I'm hoping that I meet someone I can start a life with.

  • Wow, thistles.

  • Like our third date.

  • All right, So, like, what are we men?

  • Look, we don't hate you to quote the book.

  • I love men individually, but as a group, I hate the systematic oppression of women and the patriarchy.

  • And the book, unfortunately, isn't exactly a how to manual, but more of a comedic philosophical exploration of dating in general.

  • But since I want to deliver on the premise of this video.

  • Here is my advice.

  • Know that there are good men in abundance.

  • There are kind, generous, loving men who are looking to settle down or whatever idea you have for your perfect relationship.

  • And I know that you, as a woman may feel frustrated on a personal, professional and societal level, and you may feel ready to give up.

  • But all it takes is one.

  • All it takes is one person to change everything.

  • And honestly, you never know when they're around the corner.

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I'm always on the hunt for a good book.

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How to Date Men When You Hate Men

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