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  • It is a virtual civil war.

  • People are turning against each other.

  • Brother against Brother E.

  • Both sides have been radicalized to believe that anybody who doesn't believe is them is the devil Veterans for Crop America.

  • It's not over.

  • Biden is not a savior.

  • He's not gonna alter the American landscape just by being elected.

  • Tonight we'll sit in the majority.

  • Here are Republicans and conservatives.

  • Red country is what we call it.

  • The South's always been tradition.

  • The idea of make America great again, appealing to tradition, appealing to the past.

  • To that nostalgia, I think it resonated with a lot of people.

  • Well, howdy there, Internet people.

  • Let's both gone.

  • Be having such a final time.

  • Red versus Blue Donkey versus Elefant, Democrat versus Republican.

  • Today we're gonna talk about unity, reuniting the country a t end of the day.

  • The president is just a figure.

  • Had it's the people that have to change.

  • That's what has to shift.

  • Part of it does have to be outreach to that side.

  • Yeah, those who followed him through and still support him.

  • I don't really even talk to him anymore.

  • If somebody is willing to say, yeah, I'll look the other way on this form of treatment.

  • I'll look the other way on this.

  • It's not somebody I really want my life people that I didn't know I can reconcile with them, those that I have personal relationships with.

  • I'll never look at them the same way I talked.

  • People go to family reunions.

  • They can't talkto half of their family.

  • They can't talk to them.

  • They stopped going to family reunions.

  • We're here at this flea market.

  • It's predominantly trump supporting people.

  • Last week I locked my keys in my car and they know I'm a liberal.

  • And they were just hell bent on helping Mia's anyway.

  • They could.

  • On social media.

  • So many of my liberal friends say, if you're voting for Trump, you're a moron.

  • Well, it's just simply not the case.

  • How is any good gonna happen if if I'm telling my childhood friend you're an idiot, How is any good gonna happen in the bad States?

It is a virtual civil war.

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'Brother against brother' in Trump country - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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