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  • So where's the dog?

  • He ducked in there.

  • I'll get him.

  • Be careful.

  • All right, everybody stay back.

  • Don't worry.

  • We'll get him.

  • Come on, it the hell is going on up there?

  • That guy said there's something on the road.

  • He looks like a nut to me.

  • Probably a bomb or something to it.

  • He says It's a bomb.

  • It's a bomb.

  • Is your bomb?

  • Oh, come here, boy.

  • Come on.

  • It won't come out.

  • He's scared.

  • That's not a dog.

  • That's Ah, I don't know what it is.

  • Some kind of possum life.

  • I've never seen a black My possum.

  • I think it's a skunk.

  • How do you know what a skirt looks like?

  • We don't have a home.

  • It looks like PayPal.

  • Appeal on the cartoons on TV.

  • Yeah, thoughts counts were supposed to stink.

  • Don't stink, E wear.

  • Come on, boy way Helicopters take off.

  • We have a very tricky situation for the police here.

  • The suspect appears to be holding a young boy hostage.

  • Stay where you are.

  • Put the ball down.

  • What?

  • That's not a bomb.

  • That's a cat.

So where's the dog?

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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001) - Skunk Traffic Jam Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

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