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  • thank you.

  • A za charity.

  • We know we have a responsibility to take environmental action so we can adapt to the challenges posed by climate change.

  • Better protect our properties and collections.

  • We're looking to become more sustainable across the whole estate and that it covers everything from our catering and our retail through to our site operations and conservation.

  • One example of the work we're doing right across the state.

  • It's a phase out single.

  • Use plastics by 2022 in a large catering and retail operations way will invest in recyclable cups and better recycling and composting facilities.

  • Completely eliminate the use of plastic bags.

  • We're also reviewing a procurement processes so we can buy better on eliminate unnecessary waste.

  • So we're starting off, reducing our energy use across our top 10.

  • Heaviest using properties on that includes Rest Park on Dover Castle and Stonehenge Annals bomb.

  • Our ambition certainly is to look not just at our top 10 sites where we know we could make a big difference if we get that right.

  • But as a lot of our smaller sites as well, a lot of our small sites are a little more than a ticket heart our little sales area.

  • We could potentially take all of those off grid on become totally self sufficient.

  • Many of our sites already utilizing local resources to reduce food miles take, for instance, are productive guards and warmer castle where their harvest produce seasoning to use in the cafe.

  • One of the key things that were just building into our commercial ambitions now is become soil association accredited by 2023 which demonstrates our commitment to local produce ethical sourcing on sustainability.

  • There's no escaping the dramatic drop in biodiversity we're seeing globally.

  • Our historic sites can be an oasis for wildlife, particularly species of bird, insects and bats.

  • So we have a responsibility to preserve this natural environment for generations to enjoy in future.

  • A Dover Castle.

  • We're working on a project with Kent Wildlife Trust to reintroduce the chuff for enhancements to the castle grounds.

  • Building a more sustainable future doesn't necessarily have to involve making radical changes, and it doesn't happen overnight.

  • We're installing smart meters that many of our properties we can better understand our energy use and reduce waste.

  • Small changes can add up over time, and we all have a part to play in this.

  • We're going to be encouraging a lot more of our staff and our volunteers to take part in that process.

  • We want them to feel part of the Green Challenge and the green changes we want to make across your state.

  • Looking after the past is not just about caring for what we see now, but also thinking in the long term and think about our own impact we have on the environment.

  • Three impact.

  • The climate change might have what responsibilities have got on what changes positive actions we can make by just being more sustainable.

thank you.

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Planning for a More Sustainable Future | Episode #3 | with Smart Energy GB

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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