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  • There are rumors floating around that London will be moving back into Tier three.

  • Lock down measures before Christmas.

  • Yes, you heard me right before Christmas.

  • There are rumors that any day now they will be locking this city down back into Tier three.

  • And if your current mayor of London gets what he wants, that's exactly what's going to happen.

  • And this is the same guy that was crusading for lock down, campaigning for a lock down months ago, begging begging the national government to shut this city down as opposed to what we saw the mayor of Manchester was doing, which was campaigning to keep his businesses open.

  • He was looking out for the livelihood of his citizens.

  • And UK hospitality has just come out and said that if your current mayor of London puts us into Tier three before Christmas, it will be an additional 150,000 jobs lost in the hospitality sector.

  • In addition to the devastation that's already come.

  • Boris Johnson, your prime minister, was told last night that if you take us into Tier three, you might as well just issue a do not resuscitate order for many of our businesses.

  • and industries here in London last weekend, the country splashed out £4 billion on Christmas shopping.

  • That's a great way to recover what should be an £82 billion Christmas.

  • And now they're talking about locking the capital city down again because of cases it's cases and MAWR cases, the MAWR testing, the more cases.

  • It doesn't mean that those that are healthy and able cannot go out and conduct business in a safe manner, which is what we're seeing most of the city do again to put back the statistics coming from public health.

  • England covert transmissions in the hospitality sector are only happening in 3.3% of all cases in Jim's 1.7%.

  • And yet we're shutting down entire industries, right When people want to spend money for many industries, they depend on Christmas for their survival, for their very survival.

  • But our current mayor Onley see things a certain way.

  • I think he inherently does not like business, does not understand business and doesn't understand that the only reason anyone's here is because of business, and without it we are crushing ourselves.

  • Right now, we are crushing our future and the economy is us, it is us.

  • And it will pull down our mental health, our physical health.

  • If we don't try to find a way out of this now, I strongly strongly suggest against going into Tier three regardless of the data they throw it you because as we've seen time and time again, they choose the science to fit the agenda.

  • Our former prime minister, Theresa May, stood up in Parliament and said this exact same thing.

  • She said, It seems to me that the policy doesn't follow that data, but the data follows the policy.

  • And there she was, talking about the Cambridge University study That was completely an error that took the whole nation in tow.

  • Lock down when we shouldn't have.

  • So again, you need to start asking these questions to your politicians taking London and two Tier three is the wrong idea.

  • We need to keep it open.

  • We need to try to resuscitate this economy thing is exactly what this city needs.

  • And we need to stop, uh, making this disproportional response to the virus.

  • We need to use science based decisions on.

  • We need some new leadership way.

  • Need people that come up with solutions.

  • Try to find a way to get this economy running.

  • A supposed to just go on with their campaign of fear that seems to give them relevance.

  • Or at least that's what they think.

  • So please leave your comments below forward this video.

  • If it's happening in your city around the world again, we wanna take London in a new direction, and it's all about leadership, period.

  • We need a leader that understands business.

  • We need a leader that can make intelligent decisions.

  • We need a leader that's listening to the citizens, not off in some strange world.

  • And, um, that's what we need.

  • We need change.

  • Leave your comments below and I appreciate you.

There are rumors floating around that London will be moving back into Tier three.

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