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  • My guest tonight is a five-time All-Pro running back,

  • and although he retired from football

  • for the second time this past January,

  • he stays busy as a philanthropist,

  • social activist, business owner, actor,

  • and as of today, he will be available

  • playing the character in the video game

  • "Predator: Hunting Grounds."

  • (Marshawn groans)

  • (Marshawn screams)

  • (gore sloshing)

  • Man.

  • He got killed fast.

  • Please welcome my friend Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch.

  • Marshawn, how you doin'?

  • How are ya? Man. Oh (beep).

  • What are you laughing at?

  • When you just see me, you start laughing. Why?

  • I don't know.

  • Man, right now I'm laughing

  • at a whole lotta different (beep).

  • I'm laughing at the way you keep

  • throwing your damn hair down like that.

  • 'Cause it's making me nuts! It's crazy.

  • It's COVID. So between that,

  • between, "Damn he got killed really..."

  • All that came to my mind with:

  • damn, why the black man always die fast in the scary movies?

  • And when you (beep) with Predator,

  • (beep), what you expect? Let's talk about this.

  • Predator, in that clip,

  • Predator kills you really fast.

  • Were you playing that when you died that fast?

  • I was.

  • Oh...

  • God. But that's really your voice screaming, right?

  • It is. That's legit you screaming?

  • Yeah. I did that.

  • You did that. They call it VO.

  • I learned some (beep).

  • Since the last time I seen you, I learned some (beep).

  • You know, I'm into checking (beep) off my bucket list.

  • And VO is something that I didn't know about,

  • but after I learned it I threw that (beep) on there,

  • so it worked out for the best.

  • That's great. Well, I like you a lot.

  • I think you're fantastic.

  • You're a gentleman, you're a great man,

  • so I don't like seeing Predator kill you.

  • I just don't like it.

  • Man, that (beep), I (beep),

  • that's just for the video game.

  • Okay. Good. You bring Predator...

  • See, this is, I just was talking to your people backstair,

  • I say, I came to the show,

  • I'm not sure if it was the first or the second one,

  • but I taught you something

  • and I told you you got a hood pass.

  • And every time you came through the town,

  • if you just said that, you'll be all right.

  • I remember this.

  • You told me that if I was ever in Oakland I had a pass,

  • that I would have street cred in Oakland.

  • You gotta hit 'em one time with the one time

  • with the, "You bitch!" and then you gon' be all right.

  • Say it again.

  • I wanna learn it again. Say it.

  • If you hit em with the, "You bitch!"

  • then you gon' be all right.

  • You itch!

  • You bitch!

  • And then I'm clean. Then I'm good.

  • I'm tellin', you gon' get so much handshakes and daps

  • and hugs and all...

  • (Conan wheezing)

  • You know, Marshawn, I don't get a lotta those.

  • I don't get a lot. Especially not during COVID.

  • Ain't nobody getting a lotta them right now.

My guest tonight is a five-time All-Pro running back,

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Marshawn Lynch On His Cameo In "Predator: Hunting Grounds" - CONAN on TBS

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