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  • in India there is a guy that Onley wears red and white.

  • I kid you Not everything he has is red and white, red and white.

  • Who is this guy And why is he so obsessed?

  • In the busy streets of Bangalore, India, we saw a house that stood out from the rest.

  • It had two colors on Lee red and white.

  • So we went there, not on the door on finally saw seven.

  • Hi, my name is seven.

  • Welcome to my red and White House.

  • When you step into seventh house, it's like stepping into another world.

  • He basically took his favorite colors red and white, and put it on everything he owns.

  • Lie my wardrobe, my fans, my sopa, My God, my club, my carpet, my best, My travel, my place, my kitchen.

  • Even his matchbox or his toothpaste have Toby in red and white.

  • If the object has any different color, then he will not buy it on.

  • When seven goes to the store and he sees something that's red and white, he just has to buy it.

  • He's that obsessed.

  • Even his family is called the red and white family because his wife and kids, they all got into the same color obsession When I got married to him.

  • It was something new for me later on.

  • I understood his passion for Red anyway and I stood by him.

  • You might ask when did all of the start?

  • When I started my career, I decided to be a unique person in the world.

  • I used to wear only white shirts at a red tie.

  • People started recognizing me.

  • Then I decided to wear one.

  • Lee red and white.

  • Yes, all to stand out from the crowd on color is not the only thing he uses to make himself special.

  • It's also the number seven.

  • My real name is Number seven because I am the seventh son in my family.

  • Seven fell in love with his name so much that he took it to the next level.

  • That's why his jacket has seven buttons.

  • His pants have seven pockets.

  • His phone is number seven.

  • His car is number seven and he even speaks 1234567 languages just to keep the magic number.

  • Hello.

  • No, no mascara.

  • Carmen, Come.

  • Thomas Carmo.

  • No, my scar on So far seven has succeeded because in his city, he became a celebrity.

  • Now he's a successful real estate businessman as well as a film producer and actor.

  • I always wanted to do the villain role in Indian Phillips.

  • Andi, I did it.

  • This'll Guy may be weird, but he achieved his mission.

  • He stood out from the crowd with his numbers and his colors.

  • In that case, good job.

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in India there is a guy that Onley wears red and white.

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