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  • Once you get to Ethiopia, you find a country unlike anywhere else.

  • You know, we overuse the word unique far too much in Ethiopia because you know, the religion, the language, the food, the music.

  • Everything is just different.

  • In Ethiopia, we have so many things.

  • A special here in Ethiopia specially is meeting locals seeing their culture.

  • And also I can say that the naturally the landscape of each of guys difference.

  • My name is better.

  • Linta, Spy and I have been working in test factors for almost five years.

  • My name's Mark Chapman.

  • I've been living in Ethiopia for more than 20 years now.

  • The countryside is is very beautiful.

  • It's high altitude, so the temperatures are quite cool in the day.

  • So it za good walking countryside, wonderful landscapes.

  • I really wanted to find a way to put that together with something that the communities could run themselves and local people could run on, get the, you know, the benefit from it.

  • Nothing.

  • So they have a couple of days seeing the UNESCO sites of somewhere like LaBella.

  • Then maybe three or four days trekking in the countryside.

  • Another couple of days seeing the castles in Gonda that that kind of thing.

  • A slow moving holiday which is much more sustainable.

  • The carbon footprint.

  • When you're walking, I mean there's no running water.

  • There's no electricity.

  • Anything to have is solar powered.

  • So it's very sustainable.

  • Very low carbon, pretty much vegetarian as well, because it just doesn't work to slaughter an animal for a few tourists.

  • So they just end up having local vegetables cooked with pastor and rice.

  • We give almost 75% to the communities and that 75% is distributed.

  • Thio the guide and also to the communities.

  • It's how we supported them.

  • In a way, people are very familiar and friendly.

  • So there a lot.

  • People are happy to accept tourists and all are happy to share cultures.

  • And also we do have a lot of cultures this make us special.

  • And then you put that together with people who are, uh, incredibly hospitable.

  • I mean, I said, when you go to the countryside areas they are wary of strangers on, that's true, but they have this code of hospitality as well.

  • Once you're invited in, you're really write it in weddings, funerals, parties, everything they try and bring you in.

Once you get to Ethiopia, you find a country unlike anywhere else.

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