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  • Yeah, the arrival itself hasn't hasn't changed too much.

  • Like where I park or things like that.

  • But as you get in the hospital, you guys don't notice things have changed a little bit here.

  • I don't know if it's scary coming toe work, but it's definitely scarier being at work.

  • This is a medical surgical unit.

  • And so, for example, of covert patient who was at home and he became more short of breath and they needed some supplementary oxygen and we were afraid of decompensation with them would be cared for on a unit like this.

  • So here, coming up.

  • And we're going to see a 76 year old patient, Um, who was on our team for about three or four days in the medical surgical unit before she unfortunately compensated and had to go to the intensive care unit.

  • Uh, luckily, um, she fought her way through the intensive care unit and made her way back out and is doing well now.

  • Good morning.

  • Hey, you.

  • How you feeling this morning?

  • We've been working on getting the lines and tubes off of, So we've done okay.

  • You're really a success story, and you should feel good about things, okay?

  • She looks appropriately exhausted, but she's getting better.

  • And we continue toe work on what I call shedding.

  • I see you Jewelry lines and tubes and and things like that.

  • No, I wouldn't say immediately.

  • You know, I think a couple weeks after that second dose I'm gonna feel much more confident.

  • But, uh, I think, um, a Sfar, as I've read it's gonna take some time after the second dose until we can have real confidence in it.

  • It zits strangely, one of the big things that wears on you to put this on and Thio be cognizant of how you're doing it, um, over and over and over again.

  • So this was this was one of our success stories And there are a lot of patients that take what we call the cove.

  • It dive and decompensate patients that were on two leaders all of a sudden go go south and need a higher level of care.

Yeah, the arrival itself hasn't hasn't changed too much.

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Vaccine can't come soon enough for this doctor

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