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  • When you get something as emotionally charged as a major public health event the people who are  

  • looking for somebody to get angry with make me the symbol and they hate me, do they hate Tony Fauci?

  • They don't even know who Tony Fauci is.

  • The nation's top doctor top expert Dr. Anthony Fauci  

  • I became very interested in infectious  diseases because you can prevent them  

  • and you can treat them and I was fascinated by  science that you could discover unknown things  

  • everything I do now I'm intensively  interested in and I'm really good at it  

  • We're dealing with clearly an emerging infectious  disease.

  • Fueling fears of a pandemic.

  • She's COVID positive.

  • I'm declaring a public health emergency of  international... I turn to Dr. Anthony Fauci   

  • Is the worst yet to come Dr. Fauci? Yes, things will  get worse... When you get something like COVID-19  

  • it has the potential of running wild. One million deaths... That's the chilling  

  • aspect of an evolving outbreak every day we learn  the actual biological aspect is unprecedented  

  • but the impact on society is unprecedentedEnormous economic psychological implications it  

  • would but it would be temporary, things change and  evolve rapidly and you can't get frozen in a state  

  • of saying I think I know everything about this  because you're going to get surprised for sure.

  • Now instead of worrying solely about developing  vaccines Dr. Fauci finds himself forced to defend  

  • science itself. The one thing you don't want to  do is guess, the world is craving clarity honesty  

  • courage to stick up for what's right. I served six  presidents and I have never... You want to base what  

  • you say on scientific data public health knows  no politics you're just driven by the truth.

When you get something as emotionally charged as a major public health event the people who are  

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Anthony Fauci: Guardians Of The Year

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2020/12/13
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