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  • Hi Been here.

  • Voice of whiz.

  • You know me Before we begin, let me tell you about this.

  • Video sponsors Lenovo and AM D.

  • This is the Lenovo Legion five with the A M D.

  • Reisen 7 48 100 h Mobile processor.

  • I'm really picky when it comes to computers, but the Legion five and rising 7 1400 h just feels so right.

  • It's a gaming PC and has all the specs to prove it.

  • Powered by the A M D.

  • Risen 7 48 100 h mobile processor, Villanova Legion five allows you to experience visually stunning smooth 10 80 p Gaming with upto 1 44 Hertz Refresh rate.

  • Accept no compromises when it comes to gaming performance with up to eight.

  • Yes, eight.

  • Powerful Zen two cores on the rise in mobile processors.

  • Check it out.

  • Plenty of gaming laptops Try way too hard to look impressive, but this has a sleek and clean style that I really appreciate.

  • It's a perfect blend of professional and might, which I think describes the whole package pretty well.

  • If you're looking for a quality gaming laptop with plenty more to offer the Lenovo Legion five with rising 7 48 100 h is what you need.

  • Find it now on Amazon Thanks again the Lenovo and M D for sponsoring this episode somewhere in the vast ocean is a seafaring land of science.

  • The kingdom of Germ A When the king of germs decided to turn out some kids, he got an awesome idea.

  • How about he make his kids into killer, emotionless super soldiers?

  • What could go wrong?

  • He forced his queen to undergo surgery that would enhance their Children during pregnancy.

  • Yeah, she wasn't much of a fan, so she took a drug meant to counteract the effects toe.

  • Hopefully ensure that at least one of her Children was, you know, emotionally stable.

  • He's surprisingly low bar to aim for, but hey, good for her.

  • And she pulled it off.

  • Well, most of her Children were violent sociopaths.

  • One showed no signs of their shared super human genetics.

  • This is Sanji.

  • The poor kid didn't have a great childhood.

  • I mean, he was surrounded by actual superhuman bullies.

  • But he found peace in cooking for his mom.

  • Well, until she died.

  • Then he was thrown in a dungeon.

  • Look, I told you his childhood sucked Fortunately, Sanji eventually escaped, thanks to some help from his sister, who I guess was slightly less of a sociopath and made his way across the sea as a cook until he was shipwrecked and left marooned.

  • Poor guy just can't catch a break.

  • But Sanji found a new daddy in the form of pirate red leg Zeff, who trained him in his own martial art black leg style.

  • Wait, Shouldn't that be Redlegs style?

  • I'm confused.

  • It's an art that focuses exclusively on kicks, which worked out swimmingly for Sanji.

  • No puns, air my job.

  • I don't need you pirating that remain As a chef, Sanjay firmly believes his hands have no place in a fight to him.

  • They should be kept as pristine as possible for cooking, which is, frankly, wonderful etiquette.

  • Even if his own life is in serious danger, he will not break this self imposed rule.

  • You gotta hand it to him.

  • Black leg is like taking capoeira, taekwondo and every other martial art with high flying footwork and mixing them all up like a stew in just like a tasty dish.

  • He named his attacks after a bunch of French words, which I definitely cannot pronounce, though the most important to recognize his Diablo gene, also known as the Devil Leg.

  • By moving at incredibly high speeds, Sanji builds up friction between the air and his leg until it literally catches on fire.

  • To do so, he'd have to be moving his legs over 11,000 m per second.

  • Yeah, that moves pretty lit clearly Sunday.

  • Super fan.

  • He's quick enough to keep up with the pirate captain loopy, who effortlessly dodged laser beams from a robot man.

  • Bear guy.

  • It's a long story.

  • That's one piece in a nutshell.

  • A very, very long story.

  • Sandy.

  • He's got plenty of other skills.

  • He can kick your face so hard it makes you as handsome.

  • Is that devil George Clooney brother thing He can start blasting and Danny DeVito you back to normal with another.

  • And with the Skywalk technique, he can literally walk on air by.

  • Listen to this, flicking his heels so quickly he creates dozens of miniature sonic booms beneath his feet.

  • That is insane.

  • No, to sylph.

  • Don't skip leg day.

  • Hell, I'm gonna start right now.

  • Next time you see me, you'll have to look up because I'll be walking on air.

Hi Been here.

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Sanji Hotfoots it into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/08
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