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  • trade, chaos, tumbling financial markets and huge economic costs.

  • As Britain and the you try to reach a Brexit deal, here's what a no deal is likely to look like.

  • Britain would lose zero tariff on zero quota access to the European single market off 450 million consumers Overnight.

  • New tariffs will be imposed on both sides, with price is widely expected to rise for British consumers and businesses.

  • Borders risk disruption Britain expects thousands of trucks to stack up with delays of up to two days that could lead to food shortages as it imports 60% of its fresh food.

  • No deal is forecast to wipe an extra 2% off British economic output in 2021 drive up inflation.

  • Unemployment on public borrowing, it could cost you as much as €33 billion in annual exports with Germany, the Netherlands and France hit the hardest.

  • A no deal would be felt sharply by the car industry on both sides.

  • British automakers face a 10% tariff on a walk our exports to the EU, according to industry associations.

  • Thes costs would almost certainly be passed on to consumers without a trade deal the divide between Britain and Northern Ireland would become more distinct.

  • Northern Ireland would likely still follow many of the same you rules, making it a possible backdoor into the EU single market.

  • That could mean the need for a hard border on the island of Ireland, something both sides are trying to avoid.

  • Both sides would be likely to blame each other for the chaos.

  • Britain would be left far more dependent on its alliance with the United States, and the EU would lose one of its leading military and intelligence powers, its second largest economy on the only financial capital to rival New York.

trade, chaos, tumbling financial markets and huge economic costs.

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What would a 'no deal' Brexit look like?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/08
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