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  • British and European negotiators will today resumed talks to secure a post Brexit trade deal with an agreement hanging in the balance.

  • The latest round of talks is taking place in Brussels ahead of an EU summit later this week.

  • The U is offering tariff free access to the single market in exchange for Britain agreeing Tiu rules on state aid, environmental and labor regulations.

  • Britain will leave the single market trading block a the end off this month and for the very latest.

  • Let's go over to Brussels.

  • D W's Barbara Veysel is standing by for us there.

  • Hi, Barbara, Good to see you.

  • So negotiations.

  • They were tense over the weekend there resuming today.

  • Has any progress been made?

  • No progress has been made because from what just emerged by a very early morning briefing by Michelle Bonnie, the EU elite negotiator to the European ambassadors who are the point people off the member states here in Brussels, there is not a mood of victory, Absolutely not.

  • Talks are slow, talks are difficult, they are dragging on and there has been no breakthrough.

  • We heard last night that supposedly somehow on fisheries, the two sides had come together But that was as so often before in these, uh, in this drama.

  • It was a false hope, and so they're continuing throughout the day.

  • Well, that's not a good sign.

  • We know that the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, and the European Commission president, Jose Olof, underline they will evaluate tonight whether enough progress really has been made.

  • Now, Barbara, you mentioned the fisheries but remind us what the biggest sticking points are Right now, nothing has moved on.

  • The three big questions you mentioned already, the level playing field.

  • That's what we call a fair competition, that is, Britain has to sort of more or less acknowledged the rules that the European Union has on environment, labor laws and so on.

  • A very big bone of contention is the Christian of governance.

  • The EU wants rather tight clauses to punish the United Kingdom if they sort of don't obey the rules off the agreement.

  • In the end, something that we have seen with the withdrawal agreement and that is another big problem, it will be coming back the contentious internal market law.

  • It will be coming back into parliament today in London and supposedly be voted through that is a point for the European Union where they say if you don't stick to the first agreement we did, how can we ever believe that you will stick to the second agreement You do?

  • So there is a complete lack of trust and then off course, there is fishery.

  • They can't agree on how and where and how much the two sides, the fishers off off the two sides will be allowed to use each other's waters and what fish to pull out.

  • And just quickly.

  • Barbara, if they don't get a deal, what happens?

  • It will be the mother of architects Trophies.

  • We will have trucks stepped up to the horizon on in Calais on entered over off course, everything will break down.

  • We'll need emergency agreements on aviation, on transport, for trucks to be able to roll at all.

  • The whole cooperation between the U.

  • K and the United and the European Union 40 years off it will suddenly all be void and they will really have to scramble to sort of come across the first off January off next year.

  • It will be a very difficult time.

  • All of that hanging in the balance today.

  • Dw bagua, Veysel for us in Brussels.

British and European negotiators will today resumed talks to secure a post Brexit trade deal with an agreement hanging in the balance.

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Last-ditch negotiations as Brexit deadline approaches | DW News

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