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  • Kyrie.

  • He has an unorthodox approach in terms of dealing with the media, his communication.

  • He issued a statement on Friday instead of talking directly to the media as the Nets open camps seeking to ensure that his messages quote properly, convey quote.

  • He is committed to show up to work every day, ready to have fun, compete, performed and win championships alongside my team mates and colleagues and the Nets organization.

  • Max, do you feel like Kyrie should be forced to engage with the media?

  • I mean, you can't force him to move his mouth that make words come out right?

  • But yeah, he should be penalized if he doesn't look.

  • The bottom line is this is typical Kyrie.

  • He's trying to control the narrative or whatever he thinks he's doing life.

  • It is the point that he will be taken out of context less or he can't be taken out of context.

  • If he just releases a statement, you can still take stuff out of context, Kyrie.

  • Of course, you can.

  • Life hit differently this year, so I have to move differently.

  • I just use the lips, is there and you could talk about that ad nauseum.

  • He's self involved.

  • He's not thinking about his team.

  • See, Kyrie.

  • I could do that and others can, Whether they're good, well intentioned or not, it could be an honest mistake.

  • Or it could be malicious.

  • If you think the media is malicious or members of them have have something out, you know, against you or something like that, they can still do that.

  • That doesn't make any sense.

  • Or is the point that that here's my statement?

  • No, the point of media accessibility is to ask you questions.

  • I know you'd like to talk about what you'd like to talk about, but the reason everyone's making a living doing this, including you, is because the media covers it and delivers it to the fans.

  • The paying customer right?

  • And they have questions.

  • And by extension of the media, in a sense, is an extension of them here.

  • The things we believe, at least the people who would like to hear about now, if you think they'd like to hear about other things, to go ahead, mention other things.

  • But But But just to release a statement is like a scared way to behave.

  • Do you feel that you can't articulate your point well enough, Just if extemporaneously that you need time to prepare a statement to try to make it ironclad.

  • I mean, what's the point here and to think that you're doing this now where your star teammate, the best player on the team, is coming back from catastrophic injury?

  • The media is gonna have a lot of questions about the Brooklyn Nets playing in the biggest media market on planet Earth for a basketball starved fan base.

  • And you're absolving yourself of the responsibility off answering questions.

  • So what that all goes to K D.

  • Now you have to ask yourself, Kyrie, you might be the most skillful player who ever lived, especially given how high your talent is pitched.

  • Whoever had handles like you, who could also finish in the paint, at least under the rim, who could also pass the ball could also shoot the ball like Kyrie Irving.

  • Why is it that every team you've been on except for the one with LeBron James, has gotten worse with you on the court?

  • That shouldn't be That shouldn't be possible.

  • Seems to me you're thinking a lot about yourself, and this statement reflects that Stephen a When I read it, I thought, Typical Kyrie.

  • He thinks he's being profound or deep or controlling the narrative or whatever he thinks he's doing.

  • But it seemed to me to be inarticulate, rambling and nonsense.

  • Self involved.

  • Nonsense.

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Max reacts to Kyrie Irving issuing a statement instead of talking directly to the media | First Take

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