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  • Hello.

  • Hi there.

  • I'm den and I'm car and together we are a couple of men.

  • A couple of men is our travel block way Have websites and social media Instagram Facebook where we showcase our adventures abroad on where we show the l g B t Q plus community, where it is nice to go where you can feel safe.

  • It was funny to see how quickly people were actually very interested in what we were doing, where we're going and also asking like, Is this a safe place to go?

  • Or do you know certain spots where you can hold hands or where there might be actually in LGBT community?

  • We really started to include us in our travel to meet the LGBT community at the places we traveled to, because in the end, the people that live on certain spots, most of them know best what is like the cool spot there.

  • And it isn't of course, important to tell their story because, especially when it is a company, or like a hotel or restaurant or bar owned by an LGBT couple, we would like to support that by telling and sharing their story right, right e I mean, because of our block way did such create amazing things that we would normally would have never been able to do on day.

  • It's lovely that that's possible to do that together with, uh, isn't he romantic?

  • He doesn't like that, but he is.


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Couple of Men: Best in Travel 2021 LGBTIQ+ Storytellers

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/08
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