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  • on this ordinary street inside this ordinary building in Hong Kong is one of the world's most valuable record collections.

  • Let me be John Chung Yee hey.

  • Has over 20,000 records, including this signed Nat King Cole recording so called your neck King Cole got so Mary Uncle Things 1964 cover of the Beatles Performing Gray Charles is what I'd say beetles and make the Beatles German.

  • And this rare recording of Yoshiko Yamaguchi made in Japan during World War Two.

  • Yeah, I'm going for you.

  • Hang on.

  • Some coming out of high charming going, uh, by now.

  • Tom I ju illegal migrant e a temple.

  • Don't call the house.

  • I, Zack Genting More.

  • You know about my democratic dialogue?

  • I suspect so.

  • You know, you come on.

  • Okay.

  • The whole day, I got to get back in the gym.

  • I wanted by the subject.

  • Come here.

  • Look.

  • Something like the holding bank goggle eyed by your bank up.

  • Yoga.

  • Come on.

  • You got ta I'm loathe.

  • Come on, hold on.

  • I gotta make a being guarded by a single Hong Kong.

  • Come on, come on.

  • A party.

  • You Come on.

  • E John Dyer.

  • Deep purple.

  • Let's happening.

  • The doors Eagles, uh, hawkers In comedy and drama.

  • James eventually turned his love of music into a business.

  • He opened a record shop and started collecting rare vinyls from around the world.

  • His most prized possessions are his master tapes.

  • A master tape is the original studio recording from which other copies Air made.

  • It's considered the purest version of a record, the Holy Grail of tapes, and James has spent the past 10 years collecting them.

  • He believes you haven't really heard a song until you've heard it's master tape.

  • This is a 2003 remastering of yesterday by the Beatles.

  • Yesterday all my trouble seemed so far away and this is the master tape.

  • The original studio recording.

  • See if you can hear the difference.

  • Remember yesterday all my trouble seemed so far away.

  • I've got a, uh, *** Beatles toe producer George Martin Union Boom, boom!

  • You They out over something?

  • E I'm sick.

  • You got, uh, you got Paul McCartney Hold the toilet chopping tango.

  • They kind of more like a Jew.

  • Look, something dollars.

  • How young?

  • Gay look.

  • They might have turned over the now concur one really focusing in fashion after years of hunting down records, tapes and CD's James started studying his collection and combined it with his knowledge of sound history to create this chart which ranks the quality of different recordings.

  • He calls it music, DNA, Colombian and get a dollar young lawyer.

  • I gotta say, get technology.

  • Young Uganda bullet Get sick Sick, gentler comp going on at once just once a month.

  • Usually original along with your Modi.

  • Yeah, percent gotta Dan Judo fire hydrants in open view.

  • So you look you touching me cat set?

  • Yeah.

  • One thing for the LP of say, Jim sing Hello CD That low Something that you just teaching younger, younger siblings sunk.

  • And ever since he came up with music DNA schools around the world have turned to James for his research on sound, uh, freedom to my ego fighting.

  • Wait, you guys don't Then Chinese there my my home gonna die.

  • However, would you like to see there come out lazy later.

  • Hong Kong E one man band hitting young.

  • They got a booth e Meghan hold e j a smooth Beatles Looks up young, fighting sick.

  • A lot of the family.

  • Pamuk Janjic, come on with that Welcome Johnny Beatles song.

  • I would you?

on this ordinary street inside this ordinary building in Hong Kong is one of the world's most valuable record collections.

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This Hong Kong Shop Has the World’s Rarest Records

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