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  • I just think I need to be alone today... with myfeelings?

  • Do you lie?

  • What? No!

  • Friends don't lie.

  • Shit.

  • But please tell me this, and be honest: Have you ever actually won a fight?

  • Okay, that was one time!

  • Twice. Jonathan, year prior.

  • Listen that doesn't count.

  • Why wouldn't it count?

  • Cause it looks like he beat the shit out of you.

  • Oh n-no, no, no, Nancy!

  • Sorry.

  • I think this is big.

  • Bigger than one article.

  • In fact, I think that has got to be a book.

  • The Mysterious Case of the Missing Fertilizer: A Nancy Drew mystery.

  • It's just one little mistake.

  • I've made hundreds, thousands.

  • Max has dumped me five times!

  • But what have I done?

  • Huh?

  • Have I despaired?

  • No.

  • I've marched back into battle, and I've won her back every single frickin' time.

  • Wait, guys!

  • I'm still here!

  • Guys?

  • Three favorite movies. Go.

  • "The Apartment," "Hidden Fortress," "Children of Paradise."

  • You. Go.

  • Favorite movies?

  • Did I stutter?

  • Uh.

  • "Animal House," for sure.

  • Can't we just hear your rendition?

  • No.

  • Please? Just one verse?

  • No!

  • No way, it's reserved for Suzie's ears and Suzie's ears alone.

  • Turn around

  • Look at what you see

  • In her face

  • The mirror of your dreams

I just think I need to be alone today... with myfeelings?

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