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  • So what's it like growing up in, ah, family like the graces where you know all of your grand parents and uncles?

  • They all fight, you know.

  • But you don't have to fight, I guess.

  • But then you guys all end up fighting anyway.

  • So how does that work that dynamic?

  • It's It's a funny thing.

  • First you have all like, while the kids are looking in this economics to find their heroes.

  • I had all my heroes inside my house, everybody that I admire everybody, that I was so competing that I saw how hard they work.

  • And you have to understand and think.

  • I never thought I would be able to make money.

  • And just with jujitsu jujitsu.

  • Back then you couldn't make a dime.

  • I used to work the whole day, end up the month with maybe maybe 809 $100 you know, then I was the lucky one, and I really work hard, sometimes seven days a week.

  • So I never thought I would be able to make money.

  • I was looking to maybe be a lawyer, working different things.

  • I was buying selling medical products from United States and selling in Brazil, bringing to Brazil because back then, the Brazilians didn't have access to those equipments, was many different things.

  • And I thought I say I one day I'm gonna be rich.

  • It doesn't matter what I work hard, and I think money is the result of a good work to do in life.

  • But I was lucky that I moved to New York and I end up, I'll end up killing.

  • So I didn't do I need to need to do nothing else.

  • You know, I live today in a mention and have thanks you jujitsu.

  • To be honest, I thought you should to even took too long to grow.

  • I really thought it took too long because it's such a exactly like you say, such an amazing toe to improve people's lives, to change people's lives.

  • To give you confidence, you have.

  • Ah, I remember the first time they made it was not even Facebook or or something else.

  • The name before and my space.

  • They made my space.

  • And they come to me as you need to put you something for what?

  • All the network that I need is in here.

  • It's in its inside our academy.

  • You know, I already have trouble to keep everybody's name.

  • So how come I gotta go?

  • I don't need a social media.

  • It was a funny, funny time.

  • And we end up having 1500 students in the Mayor Academy or the one that you came out.

  • That, um on 30 street before that, on metal above the methadone clinic was the craziest time of, you know, that was the first place that I could open myself and I could afford to open.

  • After a few fights, I open the place and and someone told me that.

  • But there's a methadone clinic here.

  • I say, What is the method on?

  • And they met the door and I said, let me guess.

  • Like alcohol as anonymous or or drug anonymous.

  • Whatever he goes, Yes.

  • I said, don't worry, we're gonna fix them.

  • I never realized that in reality, the drug level here was different from what I've seen in Brazil because they had herring.

  • They had heavy drugs that I never heard off, you know, and to help them was extremely hard to believe it to get.

  • And I was angry because I couldn't get nobody from that clinic.

So what's it like growing up in, ah, family like the graces where you know all of your grand parents and uncles?

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