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  • How do you feel about mixed martial arts today?

  • You know how has it changed in the 10 or 20 years?

  • Did it surprise you how it changed?

  • And what?

  • What do you like about it?

  • What do you not like about it?

  • Change?

  • Um, okay, I'm going back to that On the beginning.

  • It was quest, I think.

  • People trying to find out which side is the best today small the athlete so the rules got implemented.

  • I understand the rules.

  • You see, I understand people who sometimes say the rules favor the graph plots and then favor this stand up fighter.

  • Know the rules that you pull for both of them.

  • The time limits equal for both of them.

  • The weight divisions equal so strategies.

  • Who had the best strategy?

  • I understand it became a shoal to find out who is the best fighter.

  • And are you happy with the way the productions are now and the fighters?

  • And are you Are you happy to see it evolve?

  • Are you impressed with the fighters of today?

  • Oh, very impressed.

  • Very impressed.

  • There's so many talents, man.

  • Is the kids today They grew up training for this.

  • They don't train, Um, a martial art anymore.

  • They train all of them The mix and they learning uses You go to a school today is very rare that you go to school.

  • I mean, most of the guys they learn even if they go to school.

  • They learned jujitsu.

  • They learned wrestling.

  • They learn kickboxing on the same school.

  • If they don't have kicked blocks at that school, they go in a different school.

  • They will learn kickboxing.

  • And you see taekwondo, karate or whichever starts you see.

  • So even if they don't have all the the arts in one place, it's so easy for people to go around, find and do wrestling on one school and box in a different school.

  • Mhm.

  • And she was just in a different school.

  • And then Jude in a different one U S o.

  • A lot of the schools today they implement, they all have.

  • They got to get Why?

How do you feel about mixed martial arts today?

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MMA TODAY: How I Feel About Mixed Martial Arts Today & My Views On The Sport - Royce Gracie

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/06
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