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  • but go.

  • Oh, see, we got there.

  • We went with the breaking news.

  • The man of the hour, LeBron James, has signed a four year, $153 million deal with L.

  • A.

  • In 2018.

  • Well, now he's got an extension that's gonna keep him in L.

  • A.

  • Through the 22 23 season, which, oh, by the way, would be his 20th n b a season.

  • We now welcome in our MBA reporter Dave McMenamin.

  • Why do this now, Dave?

  • Well, call.

  • This is following the playbook that LeBron James and his representative Rich Paul, uh, implemented after winning the 2016 championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • They wanted to show the loyalty and the commitment to staying in a program where they just won the ultimate prize.

  • And so in that scenario, of course, he was going to be a free agent and signed a new deal.

  • In this scenario, he's coming off the championship already had ah year guaranteed this year on a deal.

  • This adds another, uh, guaranteed length of time that you'll see him in the purple and gold.

  • Okay, so it's two years, $85 million But the big question going into this free agency period was not LeBron.

  • It was Anthony Davis.

  • So what does all of this mean for a D?

  • Well, certainly we've heard rumblings for weeks now that this would be the time where Anthony Davis would, you know, look to sign his extension in order to have that new deal to be a part of the Lakers, just like LeBron with designs on repeating.

  • And certainly, I think this gives us a major clue as to what Anthony Davis's contract situation will look like.

  • You know, you're probably going to see something in the neighborhood for every Davis of either three years guaranteed or two years with a player option tow.

  • Line him up with LeBron James.

  • Um, so they could both make mutual decisions, uh, come the 22 23 seasons about either staying with the Lakers or finding a new team to play for.

  • It's Dave McMenamin with the latest on the breaking news.

  • L is my math, right?

  • 1 53 plus 85 is 238 million.

  • Girl, you're asking someone who was in remedial math?

  • I don't know.

  • Sounds right.

  • Are we have breaking news in the last 20 minutes or so, LeBron James has agreed to a two year, $85 million contract extension with the Lakers.

  • His agent, Rich Paul, told multiple outlets on Wednesday.

  • He actually signed a four year, $153 million deal with Ella and 2018, so this extension will keep him in L.

  • A.

  • Through the 2022 23 season, which would be his 20th the NBA season.

  • The whole tried to embarrass me by making me add basic numbers.

  • So I had to carry the one on paper, right.

  • Well, here's the deal.

  • This is how it kind of comes down to.

  • This deal is gonna replace the the option on his contract.

  • It earns him an extra $180,000 in that season.

  • In the process, it'll keep LeBron with the Lakers through age 38 and we give them a chance to become the second player in NBA history to win an NBA Finals.

  • M v P.

  • At 38 or older, Joining another Laker who did it, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

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but go.

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LeBron agrees to 2-year, $85M extension with the Lakers | SportsCenter

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