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  • welcoming in our senior MBA insider.

  • Adrian were Janowski.

  • You broke this Russell Westbrook John Wall trade story last night.

  • How did this deal come about, Rachel?

  • It came together quickly yesterday afternoon.

  • Uh, Rafael Stone.

  • Houston's GM.

  • Tommy Sheppard.

  • Washington's GM hadn't really had a conversation about this potential trade since right before the draft.

  • Fat Foucher from Wasserman, Who is Russell Westbrook's agent?

  • Uh, help to get those to talking again yesterday.

  • And essentially, they knew what the deal would be, which would be one for one, Westbrook and Wall.

  • And they got they got the draft, uh, protections down.

  • They were gonna do one first round pick up in the future.

  • 2000 and 23 protected.

  • And And they got a deal done there within just a few hours.

  • Pretty rare for a deal of this magnitude to come together so quickly.

  • But they were on the trade call within three or four hours from first talking yesterday.

  • Wow.

  • And of course, everybody wants to know about the dominoes that follow it.

  • Right.

  • So what does this Westbrook trade mean for James Harden and his future status with the rockets?

  • The rockets really don't know.

  • They're hopeful that Ah, healthy John Wall, a John Wall who regains his all star form eyes, somebody that James Harden is gonna want to play with and stay longer term.

  • And they've made some other moves.

  • Certainly roster wise in Houston, they got Stephen Silas is their new coach.

  • But the one thing that the Rockets have going for them, it's a little different than Washington is.

  • They have hardened on under contract for at least two more years, and that buys them some time to try to get this moving in the right direction.

  • They don't want to trade James Harden.

  • They've never really backed off of that.

  • And so they want to give it time.

  • Listen, John Wall's been out of the league for two years and Aziz good as maybe he's looked in pickup games.

  • Uh, in the off season, that's not MBA basketball.

  • And you would imagine it's going to take some time and then some time learning to play with James Harden.

  • But for Houston, I think for both teams, they felt it was a trade.

  • They had to make each point guard wanted to be in the other place on it's hard to win in this league with guys who just don't wanna be in town anymore.

  • You made me think of something.

  • Well, when you mentioned the agents who were involved in the Westbrook Wall deal, James Harden still doesn't have an agent right now.

  • You can correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Does that influence sort of how brokering gets done in the MBA?

  • If there's no agent involved, it's a good question.

  • And he you know, he has like a business manager.

  • He has, ah, family that works alongside with him.

  • But he doesn't have ah, formal agent anymore.

  • And you know, Rob Pelinka was his agent previously, before Rob went on to run the Lakers.

  • But, uh, listen, he's made it clear to them where he stands.

  • That's that he wants a trade.

  • He wanted it wants a trade to Brooklyn.

  • That's not that's not in the offing right now.

  • Um, yes.

  • And he has been in Houston.

  • Uh, you know, the center of that organization, both on the court and off the court for years on DSO.

  • They want to find a way to keep them on.

  • They'll see how this wall experiment goes.

  • They know there's risk in this trade again.

  • This is a player coming off serious injuries out for two years.

  • Uh, they're hopeful that Ah, healthy John Wall Eyes is someone that James Harden decides he wants to play with, but they don't know for sure.

  • Well, you mentioned Rob Pelinka, so let's move on to the Lakers because boy Rob Pelinka had quite an exceptional off season this morning.

  • You also broke the news of Anthony Davis taking the full five year max from the defending champs.

  • I remember your reporting on our free agency special.

  • Davis was going to take his time to make his decision.

  • Had multiple options before of how he wanted to structure this.

  • How did him in his camp come to five years as opposed to taking something shorter?

  • Well, obviously the guaranteed money and you know you could do a shorter deal, but there is always risk based on injury based on a lot of factors, you're guaranteeing yourself $190 million with this deal and a chance to go back potentially in the free agency.

  • There's a player option early termination option on the deal after the fourth year, so he'll be 32 years old.

  • He could do a new deal with the Lakers or go into free agency on, Go back and get you would think if he stays healthy, another Max deal.

  • And so I think the security of those four years, LeBron James obviously signed up for just one year less than him.

  • Hey, he wanted this trade to the Lakers.

  • He got there.

  • He won a championship.

  • There's nowhere else he wants to play right now.

  • I think it made sense to them to make that longer commitment to L.

  • A.

  • Well, the rich get richer and by the rich, I really mean everybody involved in that discussion.

  • Well, thank you so much for stopping.

  • If any more bombs drop in the next hour, we'll be here.

  • I just want to point that out.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I'll be here too.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

welcoming in our senior MBA insider.

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