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  • now just a friendly reminder on one of the other player moves were looking at Yannis, and the Bucks have until December 21st to work out a possible Supermax extension.

  • The two time M V P.

  • Was interviewed while he was on vacation in Greece, and this is interesting when asked about the idea of teaming up with other superstars.

  • Well, he talked about playing with them, But in Wisconsin, he said, This is a statement I have never made before.

  • If LeBron and Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis came to Milwaukee, I would have been good with that, he said.

  • I'm not interested if I have to be the top.

  • I don't care if I'm the second or third name okay, because I just wanna win.

  • And if I got LeBron KD Davis, if all of those came, I wouldn't mind it all.

  • I don't care if I'm the top player on the team.

  • So Kendrick at first of all for your Bucks fan, you gotta love that he's talking about sure, let's talk about superstar team ups.

  • But in Milwaukee, what are those comments signal to you about Yanis and how he sees his place in the MBA.

  • Well, it just It just solidified why I picked the Miami Day County goons to beat them last year in the bubble because I knew that Yannis wasn't ready for this big moment and to be the number one guy.

  • And all he did was stamped that by saying what he said today.

  • That's not your look 1st.

  • 1st of all, I got a lot of heat for saying he was a pip.

  • Pip yelled at me.

  • That's my guy.

  • I apologize.

  • But ultimately what he's saying here is that look, I just want toe win.

  • It's very similar if James Harden knows that if he goes with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, there is no 35 points a game at the top of the key is so it's all about like having to move the ball.

  • Yanis just wants to win.

  • We believe that Yanez wants that, But do we believe that other superstars, they're willing to go and the last thing I'll say Yanis doesn't want to go team up with somebody.

  • He doesn't want to be viewed as the type of guy that had to go someplace toe win, so he's inviting people to come they're so it's the exact same thing on is I hate to break it to you.

  • If you ask Bron or ask Anthony Davis to come to Milwaukee or if you go join up with them, there is no difference.

  • There is no don't let you guys You guys were both.

  • I'm confused about this because always say we want players to be is good teammates And what Steph Curry did when Kevin Durant came was really, really, really hard.

  • And he did it.

  • He didn't say I have to be number one, all of that.

  • And guess what?

  • It worked.

  • They were in the finals for five years.

  • They won three titles.

  • I No one was without KD.

  • But the point is, that was an example of superstar ego taking a back seat to winning team concept.

  • Don't we want that from?

  • Yeah, there's different Rachel, Rachel, we're not.

  • I'm not criticizing him.

  • I'm just saying that for a long time, the narrative have been is that Yannis is not going to go team up with somebody else.

  • He wants to be the best player.

  • He is a two time M V P defensive player of the year, only one of three players that have ever won, both in the same year.

  • And he's now trying to say he doesn't matter to him.

  • If he's the first or second best player, he should be trying to be the best player in the world.

  • He's won the MVPs.

  • He's one all of the awards, but now he's inviting other players, which I'm okay with.

  • I'm okay with him inviting other players.

  • But you know what?

  • You honest If you pack your bags and go join up with one of those guys, it's the exact same thing if you want a Rachel a rate.

  • But Rachel with Steph.

  • Steph was already a championship when he invited K D to his team and to his city and to his culture.

  • So it's a difference.

  • All I'm saying, the honest is, is that like Richard was saying you in the category with Akeem, Elijah Want and Michael Jordan for the only player to win defensive player of the year in the MVP own it.

  • It's okay to be the man.

  • It's okay to be the man.

  • Don't ever go backwards and say that I'd be okay with being a number two or number three Option.

  • No, keep moving.

  • Keep moving the finish line.

  • You keep moving.

  • Car E o.

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now just a friendly reminder on one of the other player moves were looking at Yannis, and the Bucks have until December 21st to work out a possible Supermax extension.

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