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  • experience big in that Harms, who really had a terrific run.

  • It Purdue be interesting to see how he fits within this group, but also within the system.

  • There is time.

  • It's good Mobley looking for some space, and I think that one was blocked.

  • Not sure whether it was the underside of the back quarter was actually blocked.

  • Have a red first play of the game.

  • They tried to get to him twice, and part of that is you want to get him involved.

  • The other part is you want to get him going after that guy.

  • Evan Mobley, Mobley, the Rebound and now Peterson going a word gets into the paint.

  • Kick out Mobley three pointers and that one rattles in.

  • Ah, you is Mr Last five shots in a row.

  • Okay, cut to the basket.

  • Barcelo and one count team.

  • How many stars were you?

  • Luckily, we really don't have much of that yet.

  • I was a top 50 guy until I got hurt.

  • Peterson inside scoops it up in the air in the tournament last year.

  • Terrific this year.

  • Great, but just different.

  • I think that sometimes there it's apples and oranges.

  • It's not even the same sport that we can compare or not so under two to go here first half.

  • George rejected by Mobley.

  • Good little dump down.

  • Three defenders converged, but that's what we expect to see from heaven.

  • Moment.

  • That ability, that's a tough BYU missed 14 of its last fit was fight over ball screens.

  • Kind of played flag forced him into a bad spot.

  • Good la bas.

  • They find Mobley when the shot wouldn't go.

  • Mostly the rebound of the stuff not able to hit U S.

  • C.

  • Continues to do a good job defensively, Mobley spins.

  • Helps it up and in.

  • That's pretty nice for a kid whose 18 years old sell a little strong, contested, no foul called Mobley out on the move ET hesitates, gets inside and get swatted after one year.

  • The sixth overall pick to the Hawks, which was a bit of a surprise, a lot of people boldly gets that one off the glass.

  • I think the other thing that you look at, if I'm an MBA guy, is the guy coachable, is he under control?

  • Although I couldn't play in the way the game is played today anyway, so Peterson jumper got it another.

  • He's having quite a game.

  • He's got a bit a bit of the garnet in him.

  • He just doesn't have that fire, at least outwardly.

  • But skill set wise, you did $200 million in his career.

  • What do you what do you?

  • But I think it's hard because even even as you go a decade forward 80 ft inside good hands by the Cougars deflect the pass from the corner.

  • 80.

  • Got it full of foot mobility happening?

  • Yeah, so that's been a prompter.

  • And there's Mobley with another block.

  • I believe that's his second.

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experience big in that Harms, who really had a terrific run.

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Evan Mobley has 18 points and a vicious block in USC’s win vs. BYU | ESPN College Basketball

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