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  • Errol Spence junior back in the ring after that scary accident last year.

  • Unanimous decision.

  • In his return over Danny Garcia, Spence Junior Garcia landed the exact same number of power punches with 100 3, but the jab was a different.

  • Spence out landed in by 70 and total punches with the difference all coming with Jab was coming off the longest fight lay off of his career with his last one coming 434 days ago.

  • Let's bring in Teddy Atlas now for his breakdown on what we saw Teddy all eyes on Errol Spence to see if he was the same fighter he was before the accident.

  • What did you think of his performance?

  • Sensational.

  • Great.

  • You know, he's not just a second destroy guy.

  • Just a relentless guy.

  • He's a smart fighter.

  • Complete package.

  • He dominated this fight tonight.

  • I had him winning every round.

  • Possibly.

  • But maybe I could give one round because I don't know what the judges were watching to give four rounds to him.

  • But either way, dominant performance.

  • Bye, Spence.

  • Coming back off that unbelievable Skerry accident.

  • You didn't know if he was gonna be mentally right?

  • You knew he was gonna be physically okay.

  • But you didn't know if he was mentally gonna be right If there was gonna be some ghost up in the belt.

  • Belfi so to speak.

  • That would come and haunt him a little bit early in the fight.

  • But no, he did.

  • An exercise is, um you know, e guess he knows how to do that.

  • He got rid of those ghosts and he dominated every round.

  • Not just as a strong, aggressive fighter, like I said earlier, but a smart fighter behind that jab, the jab sets the table.

  • The left hand eats of your south.

  • Poor the right jab of the south.

  • Poor Spence controlled the action all night long, and he knew what he wanted to use that jab stand because he was in there with a counterpuncher with Garcia.

  • And if you use that jab and you've got a long jab the way that Spence does, you don't give the counterpuncher anything to counter.

  • You keep him at the end of the jam.

  • He needs you to cooperate a little bit and walk in.

  • But if you're behind the jam, well, there's nothing to counter.

  • And there was really very little to counter.

  • For Garcia, all night long spends was the busier fighter, the better fighter, the dominant fighter.

  • And he's the world champion all right Now.

  • He didn't take a tuneup fight.

  • He jumped right back in against a very high quality opponent.

  • So now is the timing right for the fight?

  • I think everybody wants to see Spence against Terence Crawford.

  • The timing is right.

  • That's only fight I want to see.

  • That's only fight.

  • The fans want to see the two best, you know, fight it out and see who gets their hands right.

  • The problem is that profit is with Top Rank and Spencer's with PPC the fight that I think they're gonna probably look toe make with Spence.

  • Ah, fight.

  • I don't want to see.

  • They're gonna look toe, make Pacquiao because he's what people see on.

  • It would be easier to make that fight, and he's a huge name.

  • I get it.

  • But he's 41 42 years old.

  • Pacquiao now I really don't want to see him in there with Spence.

  • All right, well, let's see.

  • Let's hope the promoters work it out and we can get the fight that the fans want to see because there's certainly demand for Spence Crawford.

  • Teddy.

  • Always great to spend some time with you, my man.

  • Same.

  • Same with you.

  • Stand Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus.

Errol Spence junior back in the ring after that scary accident last year.

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Teddy Atlas breaks down Errol Spence's win over Danny Garcia | SportsCenter

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