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  • Yeah, it's actually something that we do all the time.

  • We take penguins on field trips on a regular basis because it's really actually good for them.

  • It's going to give them exercise, gives them mental stimulation, just seeing different sights and sounds.

  • We tend to do them most days.

  • So obviously we can't take 36 penguins every day everywhere.

  • So we rotate it through based off of which birds get along socially and where we're going.

  • Some of our newer, younger chicks, they might be still getting used to field trips, so we might take them on the shorter ones around the aquarium to get them acclimated to get them used to exploring around it actually started with our penguin Wellington.

  • He is a 32 year old rockhopper penguin, one of our oldest penguins, and we took him up to the Amazon exhibit and he seemed pretty curious about the fish.

  • He was really looking around and very engaged.

  • We posted that video, and that's kind of where started, and it's kind of fun viral.

  • If you could say that since then, we definitely want to make sure that we have enough staff around if they're gonna be in a big space penguins.

  • They're pretty small are Magellanic penguins are about 10 or £12 and so they could sit in little tiny areas if they want to.

  • So we do make sure we keep a good eye on them.

  • But we also have really good relationships with the Penguins, and so a lot of times they seek us out.

  • So if they know we're around, they'll follow us around, and it's not as hard to keep track of them as you might think.

Yeah, it's actually something that we do all the time.

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