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  • Hi, today we are going to talk  about a state that suddenly everyone  

  • cares:Nevada. Let's find out  what people also ask about it.

  • Hi, I am Shao, welcome to What People Also Askwhere I search somethings seemingly obvious on  

  • Google and share with you some of those PAA aka  People Also Ask which is a feature telling you  

  • what other people are searching on Google that  related to your query. Today's keyword is Nevada  

  • because obviously, everyone cares about it now. So  the first PAA: Is Vegas a state? What?! Why do I  

  • ask about Las Vegas? That's because Las Vegas is in  Nevada! Shocker! I know. So for those who think  

  • Las Vegas is a state, no it's not a state. And for  those who are under the impression that Las Vagas  

  • is in California, no, it's not in CaliforniaThe excerpt is from  

  • I am not quite sure what's the deal with the  website cuz I can't find the about page. But  

  • this website appears to provide a lot of useful  information about a variety of countries, continents, cities,  

  • and states. According to Nationalonline.orgLas Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas,  

  • is the most populous city and principal city of  the state of Nevada in the United States. So  

  • we learned that Las Vegas is a city, notstate, and it's in Nevada, not California.  

  • Let's Move on to the next PAA: Are lobsters not legal in Nevada? As a resident of Boston,  

  • I found the law outrageous if it's real. But fortunately, it's likely just  

  • a rumor. According to one of the replies to the  question in Quora "Is lobster illegal in Nevada?", eating  

  • and raising lobster seems to be legal, while  Australian freshwater crayfish aka Desert Lobster

  • is illegal to raise in Nevada. And according to  Las Vegas Sun, which is a daily newspaper in Las  

  • Vegas, a desert lobsters' grower loses appeal  in Nevada Supreme Court in 2003. And the officials  

  • at the wildlife division maintained raising  crayfish in Nevada was a violation of the law  

  • because they said if a live crayfish got into  Nevada waters it could endanger the native fish  

  • population. All right, so lobsters are legal in Nevada, but  how about carrying a gun in casinos, our next PAA:  

  • Can you carry a gun in Nevada casinos? will answer  this question. The answer is extracted from an  

  • article titled"What are Nevada's laws for concealed  carry in a casino?" published by Las Vegas Defense  

  • Group which is a Las Vegas-based Criminal Defense  law firm. Here's what extracted by Google "Nevada  

  • law permits the concealed carry of firearms (NRS  202.350) in casinos. However, casino staff may  

  • legally ask gun-carriers to leave the propertyPeople that refuse to leave could then face  

  • misdemeanor charges for trespass (NRS 207.200)"  So, it seems that you can conceal carry of  

  • firearms in casinos, but the staffs in casinos can ask you to  leave if they find out you are doing so. Well

  • In addition to casinos, there is another place that some adults enjoy going to, the brothels. But if you  

  • want to find a brothel, you probably have to leave  Las Vegas. So the next PAA is: Where are brothels  

  • legal in Nevada? The excerpt is from one of the Wikipedia's entries: List of brothels in Nevada. Here's what  

  • extracted by Google: While prostitution is legal  in parts of Nevada, it is illegal outside these  

  • licensed brothels. Prostitution is illegal under  state law in Clark County, which contains Las  

  • Vegas and its metropolitan area. Other counties  may choose to allow it if they desire to.  

  • Due to the presence of those adult-only  entertainment, Nevada sounds like a  

  • very good destination for travel and tourism. But  is it a good idea to move to Nevada? Which is the  

  • next PAA we are gonna talk about. The excerpt  is extracted from an article titled: Moving to  

  • Nevada: Everything You Need to Know. published  by which is a moving and storage  

  • company providing creative solutions for moving  and storage. And I believe this article is part  

  • of their content marketing efforts. Here are some  pros and cons proposed in this article: pro: Low  

  • Taxes, Growing job market, Beautiful and Diverse  Landscape, has 300+ days of sunshine, Diverse  

  • Outdoor Activities available, reasonable housingand cost of living compared to say California,  

  • close to Entertainment Capital Las VegasCon: school system ranks 45th in the country,  

  • Just that you know Americans have 50 states, so it's like... 45th

  • there are currently active brothels in onlycounties so if you have children you might want to  

  • avoid those areas, High Crime Rates, however, Some  pockets in the urban areas are more crime-prone  

  • than others, while the rural areas are devoid of violent crime. I highly encourage you to read this  

  • article if you are considering moving to Nevada,  a lot of good information there, the link is in the  

  • description. Today we learned  that Las Vegas is a city, not a state, and it's  

  • in Nevada, not California, lobsters are legal in  Nevada, but rising crayfish is illegal, you might  

  • conceal carry some firearms in Nevada casinosbut the staffs there have the right to ask you to  

  • leave if they find out you do so. Prostitution is  legal in parts of Nevada, but Las Vegas is not one of  

  • those regions. Do some research before moving to Nevada, because there are some big pros but also big cons.  

  • So today's question is, would you consider  moving to Nevada? Let me know your thought, bye.

Hi, today we are going to talk  about a state that suddenly everyone  

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Las Vegas is in Nevada, Not California, and "Desert Lobsters" are illegal there!

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    Shao Chieh Lo posted on 2020/12/06
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