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  • que de come all the way back this year.

  • Here's my thing.

  • Per, if K.

  • D s 80% of himself, forget about exactly the game.

  • That's more or less of Paul George, level player.

  • And when I look at the Brooklyn Nets, if it's if it's Kyrie, Paul, George Levert and Din Witty to me, that's not a finals team.

  • That's a conference finals team.

  • Is k d getting all the way back.

  • And if so, what does that mean for the Nets?

  • That means that they're coming out of the east.

  • If Katie is.

  • If Katie is almost Katie, they're coming out of the Eastern Conference with the team that they have right now.

  • They're not lacking anything.

  • They have shooting.

  • They have scoring.

  • They have rent protection.

  • They have two certified centers over the, uh, you're talking about, um, DeAndre, Jordan and Alan.

  • Right, Both of those young.

  • Both of those guys are rim protectors.

  • Live threats at the rim.

  • And then you add in the birth along with a Spencer than with the coming off the bench.

  • If they decided to keep him, this thing is gonna be electrifying.

  • Okay, Now you and I have gone over this, you know, Look.

  • Mavs Lakers air highlighting the Christmas slate.

  • But the Mavs are gonna have Porzingis on Christmas, but hopefully they will have him later in the season and perk.

  • When I think of Luca who you just said one of your M v P candidates.

  • Mine, too.

  • This man almost averaged 30 point triple double shooting, 32% from three.

  • Let's say that goes up to 35%.

  • He's a little more experience.

  • The defense gets a little better and poor Zynga's people people.

  • So much of this stuff is perception.

  • Think of Porzingis on the Knicks how he was ascending on the Knicks.

  • He was a franchise centerpiece.

  • Then he got hurt.

  • Takes a year to get back a year to get back to where you were by the playoffs.

  • If he's healthy, those two are gonna be Ah, whole lot.

  • They are my number one threat to the Lakers.

  • Who's yours?

  • I like Dallas man.

  • And don't forget Max before pro Zynga's in the bubble, you have Thio.

  • Don't don't don't don't leave that out.

  • Prisoners and Luca was the highest scoring duo in the bubble before he got hurt.

  • So don't leave that out.

  • I'm not knocking the mass.

  • I actually like the Mass.

  • I thought stimulation that got rid of self curry.

  • But that's another story.

  • But listen, I'm trying to tell you, man, the Phoenix Suns, man, I'm Listen, listen to what I tell you this the Phoenix Suns, because that's why here's why, Max, let me tell you, if you look at what Chris Paul did with the Oklahoma City Thunder team and I'm not knocking that team right, I'm not not going to say Alexander Dennis Roll or Steven Adams or Gallinari.

  • But when you go and you compare him up with a Devin Booker, a Devin Booker, we're talking about a guy who could possibly lead, who have the capabilities off leading the league in scoring and you could go.

  • He looks like a little smaller, not quite as good Kobe Bryant like he he could do.

  • He could score from.

  • Except you know what?

  • That might be the smartest thing you said in 2020 like that comparison was really good.

  • And I'm looking at this Phoenix Suns along with what they already have, along with Monty Williams, who's gonna get the best out of them and DeAndre Ayden, who's gonna start the season off fresh, not suspended.

  • So you have to understand.

  • Look, when you when you're suspended and you come back to the team when you have to get your rhythm back.

  • But you also have to get your mental back, then that's what you mentally And he always was fighting that I could tell because, you know, one at one point he will be in the story line up one point, he will be coming off the bench.

  • And I think Monty was sending a message to him that No, I need you to be dominant every single night.

  • And when he started that when he started doing that, Monty said, Here goes your starting role again.

  • Now don't slack up.

  • So he held them accountable.

  • But you have DeAndre eight, whose fresh with a veteran leader like Chris Paul and the Denver Book and Cam Johnson all these pieces they have around them.

  • It was about to be a rap.

  • I'm still waiting for Monty Williams to pan out as a draft pick.

  • Next e.

  • Look.

  • Hey, listen what they took him like sixth or some, they took Monty Williams pretty high.

  • No, listen, I agree with you about the sun's.

  • Here's the thing when you think about the unknown on that team, they got three hell ified.

  • Sorry to hell if I'd legit three and D guys that at forwards right Devin Booker is like a little little mini Kobe Bryant and and Chris Paul is a is a great player who's still playing it like All Star plus levels.

  • So, really, what's the unknown in the starting five?

  • It's DeAndre Atan.

  • That's the unknown and the guys already an above average MBA player.

  • If Chris Paul gets the best out of DeAndre eaten, the sons are a problem.

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que de come all the way back this year.

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