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  • much has been spoken about regarding the safety off the vaccine roll out here in the UK, particularly on social media.

  • What would you like to say to our viewers, firstly, about the concerns that they may have regarding this process?

  • So this vaccine has been rolled out across more than 20,000 people on Duh, it's bean through the regulatory process based on those 20,000 people, and that included groups which are border.

  • So it was 65 to 85.

  • It's included people with black and other ethnic minority groups.

  • Andi, it's given back the data looks just like any other vaccine that we've been through.

  • So with these kind of numbers and these kind of analysis, it looks safe, and that's why it's being regulated.

  • It takes years in a situation of this kind to get a vaccine in a normal situation, I should say to be approved.

  • This is Jay.

  • Taking a matter of months is speed an issue here, so I think the actual time of the vaccination process has probably been pretty similar.

  • What's being compressed is the regulatory delays, so normally you would have to go through various stages and you're in the queue of people that might be interested on, Duh this.

  • In this case, we've given high priority, and it's gone through much more quickly as a result of that, that priority that not because there's anything being missed out is there the possibility off adverse effects side effects being recognized in the coming months.

  • So it's the approval is now goes into the next stage.

  • We haven't seen it in the 1st 20,000, but that doesn't say that there aren't some minor effects that might occur in some people in some groups.

  • So there will be constant monitoring over, you know, for the lifetime.

  • Well, during the next year a least, so I think we should be aware of that.

  • But clearly these are going to be relatively minor.

  • There is a lot again about younger people who can typically become asymptomatic from Cove in 19.

  • With that in mind, is it safer for them to get the virus rather than the vaccine itself?

  • So, of course, you know there is less symptoms in the younger people, but actually there's not.

  • They're not without symptoms, and some of these people may go on to get more severe inflammatory process or even potentially long coated or other things.

  • So I personally, I think is much better to get the vaccine.

  • And of course, we don't know yet how long your immunity lasts on board.

  • It could be that the vaccine last longer than a natural infection.

  • How much do we know about the immunity?

  • Because we don't know.

  • How long do we know how short?

  • So obviously these vaccines, the new and we haven't really had the time to explore how long they're going to last.

  • It probably will mimic a natural infection, So we're talking months to two years.

much has been spoken about regarding the safety off the vaccine roll out here in the UK, particularly on social media.

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How do I know the Covid vaccine is safe? - BBC News

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