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  • a cop asked me once he said, Man, what's your drink?

  • I said, I'm gonna go Division one.

  • I'm gonna go to college and I'm gonna go to the league.

  • And he's like, You probably go to cellblock, Do you want?

  • And I was like, Man, you're making a mistake.

  • Like I've never met you a day in my life.

  • I got an uncle in jail, right on, uncle in prison, right?

  • And I was like, Yeah, he's like apple on far too far from the tree, right?

  • And what he was saying to me, Waas you're probably repeat the same pattern that they repeated.

  • You come from the same household, right?

  • And I could have looked at it and made an excuse and said, I'm a lower my standards to meet and accommodate my household.

  • My experience, my situation, my circumstance, Or I could take my situation in my circumstance and raise my standard and say I'm going to be an example.

  • I'm going to triumph and I'm gonna use my situation in my circumstances, my driving force in my my fuel.

  • If I do this well, I can get my family in a better situation.

  • If I do this.

  • Well, I could get my mother off the double shift that Wendy's.

  • If I do this, well, I could get my own bed if I do this.

  • Well, I could get my grandmother a better living conditions If I do this.

  • Well, maybe I could stop my uncle's.

  • I'm selling drugs.

  • This is my purpose.

  • This is what I've been put here to do.

  • And so the opposition adversity challenges is just a part of the process is gonna make me a better person.

  • But my purpose I can't let anything stop or detour me from tapping into that every single day.

  • Because for most people, when you go through something, persons natural perspective is okay.

  • What did I lose, right?

  • What happened to you?

  • Like I took a loss, right?

  • People never look at it and say, Okay, man, tell me, what did you gain right?

  • Even though I know it hurt.

  • You didn't wanna go through it.

  • But look at it in a way to where you could say, what's the lesson in this, right?

  • What would you say?

  • Life is trying to teach you from dealing with this, right?

  • Because I'm coming from this household.

  • So I sleep on the floor, right with Roaches with rats.

  • I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  • Right.

  • And I would go to school and I will compete.

  • I would work.

  • And so when I met a kid that I was competing against, the only thing I felt I had the advantage in my whole life was my work, I think.

  • And I took pride in that right.

  • I was never the biggest, the fastest, strongest never had.

  • The most resource is.

  • But I had a work, I think, and so my whole life, I want it different for my family ever since I was a kid, right?

  • And so never allowing the situation or circumstance to define your life and understanding that you've got something inside of you that's great in that situation in a circumstance.

  • But you have to constantly believe it, and not only believe it, you have to make decisions and choices every single day to put you a step forward toward what you believe your destiny is.

  • And so when I went through it, my perspective waas Okay, what can I extract from it To apply to other areas and aspects of my life that I feel can help other people.

  • And I firmly believe the quicker you can shift your perspective from yourself, toe others.

  • When you're in the midst of adversity, the quicker you'll get through it right.

  • Martin Luther King has a quote that says Life's most persistent on urgent question is, what are you doing to help other people?

a cop asked me once he said, Man, what's your drink?

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