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  • have found out during lock down my husband as a girlfriend.

  • Mhm Kovar 19 to May is defined by my partner of nine years leaving me during Melbourne stage for lock down restrictions.

  • Yeah.

  • No, no point you woman quiz.

  • Isha.

  • But you're being happy to see way well shaded with Gene Cheeseman i e She lit up a room.

  • She was just magical.

  • I think that's the best way I confront it.

  • Explain it.

  • Yeah, we're married.

  • A few years ago.

  • It was always very sweet and caring and everything was okay until 2020.

  • Development.

  • Juanita Logical.

  • Yeah, for those.

  • And we need to sing.

  • I'm out.

  • Today, lots of therapists are reporting a real demand for couples therapy and relationship therapy.

  • At the moment, our work lives are under pressure.

  • Our family lives are under pressure on We're just trying to hold it all together.

  • One of the biggest things that couples are describing is just kind of not getting on or higher levels of conflict.

  • There's also on the intimacy side of things a riel impact on desire on couples finding space and time toe be together intimately because we were in lock down and it was limiting and what we could do and couldn't dio.

  • We entered this like routine funk.

  • It just led Thio the pain points in our relationship just in intensifying.

  • Yes, food is seeing Trouble started after the lock down began.

  • I went through his phone when I found out he has a girlfriend.

  • I confronted him.

  • Really kept saying was How did you get into my phone?

  • It was a big blowout.

  • Can venture Okay, e think here I told his girlfriend that you wanted to divorce because his girlfriend said, If you want to divorce your wife, don't sleep in the same room or eat your wife's food because you can't trust her.

  • She could poison.

  • My husband doesn't know I'm talking about this now.

  • That's why I can't show my real face.

  • It just went down really quickly.

  • You know, she was gone, and I just felt so alone.

  • Being in the same space parenting working couple ing has meant that there is nowhere to hide, so the habits that we find kind of normally irritate us a bit.

  • But don't drive us that crazy are really obvious.

  • Trying to move away from criticizing or blaming our partners is really important and we can get really stuck in a cycle.

  • So using I statements So my feelings are I'm feeling rather than you do this You make me feel I think locked down fast track the expiry date because we went from, you know, talking about buying a house together and weigh were never big on marriage But the start of the year I was even I'd be honored to marry you.

  • So to go from that as quickly Thio was just like a body Miele l a silly Rona process things concurrently in front asi problem enough for g c d and I could What is it myself?

  • I will call my parents and cry But my parents are Christians.

  • They don't believe in divorce or separation.

  • They told me Stay there no matter what your husband does.

  • No Erica pds e para my snow video tra what Rotana She was in for vacation.

  • A Montana Hello.

  • So toxic.

  • Er seeing brought pesos and I just want you guys to see you know it's medicine.

  • Syphilis is while this hurts like hell.

  • I think we add grew one another, but I think that it just went down in a really traumatizing way because of because of locked down because of Kevin, 19.

  • It's a really difficult time to go through a break up.

  • So for people who have gone through a breakup and locked down, it's really important that you reach out to people that you're close to reach out to people that you love.

  • It's also really important that you do the things that make you feel good about yourself, just for you.

  • So practicing a lot of self care.

  • When the breakup happened, Melvin was opening back up again and then we got the word that will go on back in the stage three.

  • I got to a point where I got really down and then I've cried.

  • My I za is not common to divorce in Nigeria.

  • I don't know anyone divorced or even separated.

  • You just have to keep it to yourself and not say anything.

  • To be really honest is going to take a long while for love to come back each day is getting better, but then you still have those days that are awful on.

  • Do you know what?

  • It's very similar to this whole Kovar 19 situation.

  • You've got Thio, maintain the hope that you know this will be okay.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh, you see it?

  • Winter?

  • No way.

  • Toe.

  • No, I don't cook it here.

  • Nice, Chucky.

  • Was this human scene the aging process here for centuries?

  • Mhm oh, stadiums.

have found out during lock down my husband as a girlfriend.

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'Coronavirus ended our marriage' - BBC News

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