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  • It is a fallacy that pubs will reopen on December 2nd.

  • In fact, the government has effectively closed all pubs by stealth for the first time in English history.

  • This is a quote coming from Tim Martin, who is the founder and chairman of J.

  • D.

  • Weatherspoon, one of the largest pub chains in the country.

  • And it's part of a letter that he's written to MPs recently, um, stating or calling them out for what these restrictions really are.

  • And he says it's a de facto closing down of the entire pub industry with this so called Tier three and Tier two structure.

  • And he went on to write to the government.

  • And he said, Tier three shuts them down completely.

  • Tier two turns up pub into a restaurant because you have to serve a full meal in order to qualify as a pub.

  • So, he said again, that's a de facto shutdown of it as an actual pub, and he goes on to say, overwhelming scientific evidence.

  • I think he's been listening to London Real is that lockdowns cost more than they benefit, he said.

  • The government has spent £350 billion so far on lock down, and he said that is three times the amount they have spent on health services.

  • It's refreshing to me to see such a business leader as Tim start talking about the cost benefit analysis, something we've been speaking, you know, almost ad nauseum here for months and months here at London.

  • Real on, that is, what is the cost of lock down?

  • What is the cost in terms of lives?

  • What is the economic cost of this lock down in the long term, versus what we think we're doing the right thing now to perhaps save lives or perhaps lower cases, whatever that means.

  • But he's really looking at the long term effect, and again he's saying that you can dress it up however you want.

  • You can call it to your three tier two tier one Tears 67.

  • But you are de facto shutting down the British pub industry by stealth for the first time in English history, and they pulled the wool right over our eyes and guess what?

  • They didn't need people bombing us with planes like they did in 1940 to shut some of these things down.

  • They made us buy into it ourselves with this campaign of fear that the government has presided over.

  • And the mayor of London has been complicit in this man, the current mayor of London.

  • He campaigns.

  • He crusaded for the current locked down.

  • He told us it was inevitable that London would be locked down.

  • And then when a few of the boroughs qualified, he said, We all go is one.

  • And he shut down every single borough in this city.

  • So we all could feel the economic pain and the health pain on the mental health, pain and the younger generation pain of a lock down.

  • And now we're being blessed in a few days by reopening to this new tier system, with our brothers and sisters in the north being shut down into a Tier three, which is an effective lock down.

  • And, like Tim has said, T or two, you might as well be shutting down the pubs because you're converting them to restaurants.

  • And I appreciate ah, man with his gravitas, with his net worth, with his experience in the business, calling out our leaders for what they really are, which is this totally lacking in leadership?

  • Uh, making a disproportionate response to the virus and having a total lack of science based decision making.

  • And again, I'm gonna keep talking about it until they actually make these changes.

  • This is going to cause deep scarring on the economy here as our chancellor, Rishi said.

  • But more importantly than that, it's taking away our freedoms.

  • It's your Christmas, it's my Christmas.

  • We wanna be able to choose to spend time with friends and family.

  • We wanna be able have the human right to make choices about our lives.

  • You get to choose whether you want to smoke or drink or jump off a building or do whatever you want.

  • We should be allowed to choose certain behaviors and be told what the consequences are to protect those that are vulnerable.

  • But to also let us is humans make our own cost benefit analysis on.

  • I think that's ultimately what Tim is saying.

  • He's saying, Let's get some sanity back in.

  • Let's use some science on Let's get London back toe work.

  • Let's get the UK back toe work as well and that's why it is really my premier policy as your next mayor of London.

  • Let's get this city back toe work.

  • Everyone I speak to wants to get back to work.

  • The hospitality industry, which Tim is a part of, is one of the safest industries and the business.

  • Only 3% of Kobe transmissions happening there, one of the cleanest places.

  • Their job is to keep your food clean and keep things hygienic.

  • And they followed the regulations to the letter.

  • When it comes to be co vid safe, let's let them get back toe work.

  • Enough of these lockdowns.

  • Enough of the tiered structures.

  • Let's open up this economy.

  • It is one thing that will strengthen everything from our health services.

  • Tow our mental health to the younger generation.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • Tell me how you feel about Tier three and Tier two lockdowns.

  • Where is your lock down, Wherever you are in the country, how do you feel about it?

  • And you think it's time that we open things up and found a solution, a way of living with this virus, a way of controlling it and not eliminating it.

  • I want to hear your thoughts.

  • This is an open and honest discussion.

  • I think the best idea idea can win and is your next mayor of London.

  • I will take ideas from Labor Party and I will.

  • I will take ideas from the Conservative Party.

  • I want the best ideas to be executed on and win so we can have the best future and the best economy.

  • Leave me your comments.

  • Thank you very much.

It is a fallacy that pubs will reopen on December 2nd.

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