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  • you were the center on the team that he's talking about with Peyton Manning, where they didn't run any A Z said any emotion whatsoever.

  • Take us to that.

  • What does he mean?

  • So we ran a block it up principle and you heard him.

  • Use those words, right?

  • Just block it up.

  • That means you want to use alignment of defense to tell you what they're gonna try to do and voice inflection on the snap count.

  • So you know exactly where guys are.

  • Can they blitz you where they're gonna blitz from?

  • So that everybody knows their assignment and can pick it up to protect Peyton Manning toe, let him get the ball off all this motion stuff that everybody is talking about.

  • By the way, his Q b r Tom Brady's is 18 with Motion 82 without motion.

  • Why?

  • Because he knows exactly where pressure is coming from.

  • So understanding how to get things blocked up.

  • It's so much more important.

  • That means they need to go back, practice together.

  • Hey, here's how we're going to slide the line to pick up this blitz.

  • Have those discussions.

  • He's 100% truthful.

  • Peyton Manning didn't want motion because all that's gonna do is bring a guy in unnecessarily in the blitz pickup that he doesn't can't account for.

  • Spread them all out, understand where pressures coming from, get it picked up.

  • So Tom Brady, who we know is gonna be a statue four yards behind the center.

  • He's can protected and can deliver the ball.

  • That's a simple A zit gets, and he's 100% right and what he's talking about.

  • You do as much as the quarterback wants.

  • Not a bit Mawr.

  • Let me push back here a little or a leased in the form of a question because it always felt to me watching it like Peyton Manning was essentially calling the play at the line of scrimmage with all the Omaha stuff and everything else is, he's standing there.

  • It doesn't feel like Brady is doing that at all.

  • So it those could be two ways or a way in which these things are very different circumstances.

  • I can't be the only fan watching it.

  • Who thinks that?

  • Tell me about that, Jeff.

  • Yes.

  • So what you're talking about is where you check with me is right when you go up to the line of scrimmage.

  • You have more than one play called guaranteed.

  • Brady has that same capability when he walks up.

  • The difference between what Peyton and Tom are doing right now are the shots down the field and toe.

  • Have those shots.

  • And to be effective in, um, Greeny means your protection has to be even better, Which means block it up.

  • Principal has to be in place, even Mawr, when you start mostly trying to hold the ball for four or five seconds.

  • So let somebody get open down the field.

  • It takes more time and again, this is not a moving quarterback.

  • This is a guy who's gonna be in one spot in.

  • Every defensive coordinator understands that.

  • So when you start talking about the check with me, that's a Z Z as it gets for Tom Brady.

  • Peyton Manning any of those guys, they can walk up and they have the ability to change inaudible.

  • The issue is they want to attack down the field.

  • That requires protection, and that has to be the first priority off every play they're trying to run from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive perspective.

  • They're having unblocked guys over and over and over again throughout the course of the game.

  • And if you want Tom Brady to be at his very best, you have to do one or two things.

  • Protect him and push it down the field or protect him and or, if you can't protect him, give him a quick answer so he can get the ball out of his hands feeling comfortably with where he's throwing it.

  • I think this is really good.

  • Go ahead, Jeff.

  • I think we're really explaining things here that fans might not otherwise see.

  • Go Jeff.

  • Yeah, as a fantastic tape.

  • Let me when When Greg said, Hey, we have six protectors and 66 Blitzer's that means we gotta pick it up.

  • That means the scheme between the offensive line and the running back is not is not ironed out the way it should be.

  • Those air, the discussions they need to be having and again.

  • Peyton Manning and I would spend time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday watching blitz tape.

  • Man, we will go back from defensive coordinators who were coaching teams four years prior and understand what their blitz expectations were and you would figure out how to pick them up.

  • When you have six for six, you gotta be blocked up like like it's no more complicated than that.

  • That's the problem with Tampa Bay right now.

  • Is Brady doesn't know in a hot if his receivers gonna do what he's supposed to do, and he doesn't know if his line and running back is gonna pick up what they're supposed to.

  • It's not.

  • It's not hard to solve.

  • You gotta go back and practice it and get it ironed out in practice so it shows up on Sundays.

  • Go ahead, Greg.

  • Final thought.

  • Just find something like a site adjustment like the instead of throwing the fade to Mike Evans on the left sideline on the first play.

  • In that clip, give a slant like there are little tiny adjustments that could happen to get the ball out of his hands quickly, so you're sometimes the defense would you can't block of all the time.

  • Just give him some quick answers because he's smart enough to interpret it before the snap and have an answer for the pressure.

  • They're bringing the crazy as it sounds.

  • Maybe having the bye week now will actually help.

  • They conduce himself, scouting and maybe they can try and put some new stuff in that they haven't had a chance to do all year.

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you were the center on the team that he's talking about with Peyton Manning, where they didn't run any A Z said any emotion whatsoever.

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